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@Goover: I think the current logo in the addon is a bit too old-school... but I'm more a developer and less designer, so I'd really value other's opinions. I can easily prepare a new one (saving .tga is no problem). The page is just a rough design, to play with a few CSS3 features and to have a base for manual data upload to ircdirk's db (but more about that later).

@Rythal, you don't need to commit to a timeline, because milestones are not about a release date, but about the release features - and nothing about such a milestone is written in stone, regardless of the name.

It's just that within a team - and I hope for all of us that we can work as a team, because this is so much easier for everyone, things run more smooth if people know what they and the others do. Sure, we can set up Jira or even a Kanban board, but this is more a distraction from the actual coding - and I take you more for a coder than a developer, more a tinkerer than a planner. Don't think for a moment that would be an excuse for not being a team player. All you need to do is communicate a bit more (i.e. push your stuff more frequently), tell us what needs to be done in your absence and so on. I know, this sounds boring - it partially is boring - but we all want the same thing: to improve this addon.

I am a developer for over a decade, so I know that with such a project, the usual reflex is to want to do everything yourself to have it done right, but with my experience, I also know that this reflex is wrong. We can do a lot more if we work together.

If you really think a centralized bug tracker will help, I can probably set up an issue system inside the homepage once it is finished. The manual upload is a bit further up my agenda right now.

Also, I'm not really satisfied with the guide and nodes to help ease the normal game; I find myself too often switching to a browser to look up stuff. I currently toy with the idea of a Carbonite.Guide module that works like something between a webpage and a helptext viewer, with links to other pages or linked waypoints to the parts in the guide.

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