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Looking for UI Submissions [Research Project]


I am a student at UCCS and am currently taking a graduate course in virtual reality. I am looking for UIs I can use in a study on what, if any, influence does gender have in UI and control layout.

I am looking for people willing to let me post their UI in a future forum post to get feedback on. I will be using my own UI as well, but I definitely need a spread of UIs that I can post as well to get the best feedback.

Specifically, please link "soloing" UIs. I do not want to clutter the paper with preferences regarding raiding vs pvp, tank vs heals vs dps etc at this time.

To submit, please post a link in this thread, or email me at [email protected]. Please include whether you are male or female. All images will be credited (in my paper), either to whomever posts it, or to the email it came from.

If you would like to be credited (in my paper) in a specific way (i.e. by name, or by a different character name, or a character if submitted via email) please include that information as well. Also, I will not be crediting users in my upcoming post unless you specifically request it to maintain privacy.

To learn more about UCCS:

To learn more about the Games and Media Integration Consortium:


Blizzard will NEVER ask for your account information. Keep account names and passwords safe and never give them out to anyone.
If you submit via email, I highly suggest you use an email that is not associated with your WoW or personal email accounts.
If posting a link, consider creating a separate account on Photobucket/Flickr/whatever that is not linked to your WoW or personal email accounts.
Consider taking the screenshot on an alt to protect the identity of your main to avoid possible harassment.
All character names will be blurred out when I use them in my paper to protect privacy.
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