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Originally Posted by lilsparky View Post
i remember when wowmatrix first hit the scene and they "introduced" themselves over at wowace. they didn't get a warm welcome and in general folks began requesting their mods to not be hosted there.

i believe the wowm faq is spun version of the truth, but i also think the curse version of the story is as well. curse says wowm didn't offer enough $$ to offset the cost, wowm says curse tried to buy em out for too little $$. i'd wager most folks think they deserve more salary and most bosses think they pay people too much -- it's just the nature of how you value your own goods and services vs those of others.

i could swear i read somewhere that wowi was really just a secondary actor in this drama -- that curse said they were going to shut down wowm's access and that if wowi didn't as well, then they'd get all the traffic so they should "team up" as it were to make it truly effective (and also to not take the brunt of the updating).

there are always different ways to look at the same story -- is curse giving back to the community by offering $$ back to the addon developers or are they trying to "take over" the addon world by trying to hoard addons? i mean, if i get cash for hosting at curse why would i also host at wowi and siphon off my own financial interest?

is wowi going to have to follow suit (offering some kind of financial incentive to host addons) or will people start hosting "demo versions" of mods so that they get exposure but also hits at curse? will they stop hosting at wowi altogether?

these websites are businesses, afterall, and they're competing for revenues. it's not like wowmatrix was the only competition out there. once they're gone, where will the target land?

things change when you add a money component.

edit: oh yeah, i also remember a lot of folks switching to "ace versions" of addons solely because they could auto-update at wowace. if wowmatrix was smart, they'd simply write their own "matrix versions" of addons and simply compete on that level. wouldn't surprise me if they already have begun.

You do understand that certain add-ons have certain rights reserved to their author right? I cannot go modify your add-ons unless you give me the the right to do so. That is the wonderful thing about programming its considered an art.

This is a short response to your statement, WM would get C&D orders so fast, I would fall out of my chain every night from laughing to hard.
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