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Update: Spell cooldowns for druid stances

Originally Posted by Taerot View Post
I changed my layout completely for my druid after Cata. I kept the layout that I had used previously for my warlock. All cooldowns show properly for the warlock, however, when I play the druid, only one of the buttons shows a cooldown, but there are at least 10 others that should show. I have button editor> general> aura watch selected. I also have the toggle for "entire bar" set when I do this.
I found a solution to the problem, but this should not be the best way to solve this problem. (@Dwargh: I do have both aurawatch and cooldowns selected for the entire bar.) The problem was that I was using a macro button type for the spells that show correctly for the lock. I was using action ids for the druid. I just had to rearrange the locks layout and ran into the same problem I had with the druid. If a spell is placed on an action id button, the cooldowns etc do not show. However, going into the macro section and allowing the autowrite to create the macro causes the display to work properly. I hope this gives you a place to start looking for the basic problem in macaroon. I am getting so many errors. So many errors, in fact, that bugsack decides to quit collecting errors after one minute. I think my game performance would be a lot better without that .
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