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Originally Posted by Dwargh View Post
I used to have that many errors myself. but after deleting all old Macaroon saved vars for the now no longer existing macaroon modules, along with the old modules themselves they went away. Also IF you're using the Autohide:ModKey display patch I posted then there was an coding error in that explained in the comments how to fix.

I only get one error now and that has to do with Macaroon Macro Master
This has no significance atm and only comes when one logs in.
This is great news indeed!

Originally Posted by Dwargh View Post
Question: You're saying if you have a button with a spell autowritten in the macro button(by dragging a spell onto it) and then changes back to ActionID button you can see the CD, but not if the macro part is empty?

Or do you need to use the macro button for it to display?
It only works if I use the buttons as macro buttons. The spell works fine when I place a blizz macro on an action id button, but the cooldowns and aurawatches don't display. If I copy the macro from the blizz macro to the macaroon macro, then use the macaroon macro, the spells and the text display work correctly.

Now that you've mentioned the old saved var files being a problem though, I'm going to go remove all those. Will post back to let you know if that solves the problem.

Thank you!
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