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"DEV" version: Carbonite Map(s) Observations

First, let me say that I'm posting this here in the DEV subforum instead of the Carbonite "Maps" subforum only because I'm using the latest GitHub "DEV" files. I am NOT a developer, but I thought this might be the best place to post this, since it is not the "Live" version, and the "Live" version is not up-to-date.

This is lengthy, so I hope you don't mind. I also added a few images because each one of them illustrates the observations I had better than text might do.

1. While I'm standing in Pandaria/Valley of the Four Winds/Sunsong Ranch (Halfhill) and clicking on the red question mark "?" in Carbonite to locate MAILBOXES, both of the Carbonite map views go berserk.
2. Neither one of the views displays an icon for a Mailbox (where I am), even though I'm standing only five (5) feet away from one.
3. The Carbonite arrow (attached to its long dashed line) is pointing to what it considers the 'closest' Mailbox, but it is on a different continent from where I am! It is pointing the The Abyssal Depths, 12,313 yards away from me! And, that's the ONLY Mailbox it shows.
4. Quite often, whenever I move my mouse cursor slightly over the area in which I'm standing in Pandaria/Valley of the Four Winds/Sunsong Ranch (Halfhill), the map will change to a totally different view of the world. It displays a map of the World (Draenor)!
5. Neither of the two sizes of the Carbonite map display POI icons, even though that option is turned "on" in Carbonite's Options.
6. My character's cursor moves randomly from place to place into different zones, even while I'm standing still in Pandaria/Valley of the Four Winds/Sunsong Ranch (Halfhill). Often, it disappears completely from Carbonite map views.

There are several other issues as well, but I'm not including them here.
NOTE 1. *** The Blizzard Minimap is NOT merged into Carbonite's larger-view map. That's how I want it.
NOTE 2: *** I realize that Carbonite uses only one (1) map in two (2) different sizes. However, each one of them has its own API. They DO NOT display the same things as each other, or as the Blizzard Minimap displays unless EACH CARBONITE MAP API is programmed to do so.

Forum allows only 4 images per post, so some are missing.

* Carbonite Maps
* Carbonite Warehouse
* Carbonite Quests
*** I am not using any other addons at all, except for the Auctioneer Addon.
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