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Originally Posted by LudiusMaximus View Post
That's great!

Maybe you can help me with another thing!

I want to bring the Demon Hunter Vengeance BloodElf model into a playerModel frame.
But this does not have a displayID of its own. It is instead the NightElf model (creature/dhmaletank/dhmaletank.m2) with the creature/dhmaletank/demon_tankbodybelf.blp skin.

The displayIDs using dhmaletank.m2 in your file
[65309] = "creature/dhmaletank/dhmaletank.m2",
[66406] = "creature/dhmaletank/dhmaletank.m2",
[68671] = "creature/dhmaletank/dhmaletank.m2",
[70373] = "creature/dhmaletank/dhmaletank.m2",
all use the NightElf skin (creature/dhmaletank/demon_tankbody.blp).

Any idea how I can display this with the "belf" skin?

I saw that your Power Auras 4 Addon allows you to apply different textures to the same model, so I wanted to try it for this. But I did not know how to set your "Model" slider (going from 1 to 2742) to get the dhmaletank.m2 model. Entering "creature/dhmaletank/dhmaletank.m2" in the "Custom" field did not do anything at all...
Hmm i'm not sure then.

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