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10-29-09, 04:37 PM   #1
A Chromatic Dragonspawn
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Planned upgrade to my guide.

Ok, i am planning on doing a mass upgrade to my user guide soon, but i whold like to have some more feed back,

I am planning on redoing the whole guide to have posts about the following.

?)Main post
- Posts points.

1) - Introduction
Welcome and a short bit about what going to be covered
Index to other posts in the guide
Bit about me (why not)
Edit log

2)  Setting up
Editing Nui into 3 rows of 4 (thanks Rossman)
Setting up your N52te
Links to where you can buy your N52TE
Pros and cons of using a gamepad vs keyboard

3)  Key bindings
Key things to keep in mind for easy key bindings
Key bindings for Noxsham and why I have what where it is

4) - Macros
Tips for making your own macros
Macros for All users 
Macros for DPSers
Macros for Tanks
Macros for Healers
Class Macros (if needed)

5)  Addons
What addons you CANT use with Nui
How I keep all my addons up to date
Addons I have used with Nui and why

6) - Tips
Tips for DPSers
Tips for Tanks
Tips for Healers
Can anyone think of somthing i may of missed?
Ofcourse i will move the numbers about as needed but that the key points.

Any feedback is welcome
Also if there is anything who whold like me to add please let me know, i am more that happy to get you lot have your word in this guide
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01-21-10, 01:56 AM   #2
A Defias Bandit
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Thumbs up Nui with n52 grids

I'd be very interested in seeing how you will integrate 3x4 grids into Nui to mimic the layout of the N52te. I'm currently using Dominos to layout 5 onscreen bars that I control via the n52te, and most fancy UI overhauls I've seen always have abilities in either a big clump or horizontal bars. Right now my interface isn't exactly pretty, but it's extremely functional. I'd love to be able to have it pretty AND functional
Example of my interface and N52te setup is on my YouTube channel, The Two Ring.

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01-21-10, 05:34 AM   #3
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You can *easily* alter nUI's action bars to support a 3x4 grid... edit [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > nUI_Layout_Default_Dashboard.lua ] and locate the button bar section...

nUI_DefaultConfig.ButtonBars =
    ["nUI_ActionBar"] =
        btn_size = 53.5,
        gap      = 2,
        anchor   = "BOTTOM",
        xOfs     = 0,
        yOfs     = 123,
        rows     = 1,
        cols     = 12,
        page     = 1,
        nuibind  = "nUI_ACTIONBAR",
        binding  = "ACTIONBUTTON",
        label    = nUI_L["nUI_ActionBar"],
All you have to do is change "rows = 1" to "rows = 4" and change "cols = 12" to "cols = 3" and you're done. All that remains is to use '/nui movers' to unlock the bars and drag them to the location you want.

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01-25-10, 09:20 PM   #4
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I used to use n52 (the old one with the orange trim) to play first to fight. Since then I've gotten a new keyboard, an apple keyboard with the keys that have about 3mm spacing between them and I love the tactile response. Even wintel laptop keys seem clunky. And the n52(te) and logitech g13 gamepads keys/buttons are just now cutting it. The functionality of the gamepads are wonderful. It's not them it's me.
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