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Nui memory

i have tried both NUI and NUI+. as im playing the game i can see addon utilizations. NUI of course is the biggest cause it has so much.. the issue i have is it constantly grows. ive let it go to see if it would stop. it got to 60mb usage and kept going. i then stopped it.

anyone else have this issue.
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It climbs to a level and then will drop down when the garbage handler gets rid of the garbage left behind. nUI just has a lot more to deal with. Scott is, I believe trying to cut down on how much there is with nUI 6.

I personally don't even notice it myself but I have titan and when I do spot it I do a manual garbage collection but I've let it go on for hours and watch it garbage collect itself. Not as often as I like but its dealable with
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No reasonably modern operating system should have any problem with nUI's (or any other properly coded addon's) memory usage.
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60meg is a drop in the bucket in modern software applications. nUI trades memory use for performance and nUI6 will optimize the memory use, as well, based on what I learned writing nUI5.

That said, I have no control over when garbage collection occurs... the Lua engine decides when to collect the garbage based on load on the engine, available memory, memory usage requirements, etc. It's a rather complex system and there's no way I can manually do it more efficiently than the engine does it itself.

In the end, you shouldn't care or worry about memory use. 60meg in a 4gig system is just 1.5% -- what you care about is CPU usage and GPU usage, both of which *do* impact performance.

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Btw, is WoW reporting in megabyte or megabit ? (Wouldn't be the first that uses MB when they mean Mb)
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