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A Defias Bandit
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Quest watch hide during combat

Apparently, I have at some point made my watch list hide during combat. Now I cannot find anywhere to make it not hide

Any help would be appreciated. (I tried the "R-click on top of the map" but it didn't work for the quest watch...
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Try right-clicking on the quest watcher window's title bar. If that gets you a menu it's probably in there. If not, it's probably in the quest watcher section of the options menu, but you say it's not there, so...
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On the right side of the Quest Watch window header (the part with the colored buttons) there are two click-able objects. The first is to minimize the window while the second, farthest right, one is to lock / unlock the window. Right click on the lock button and uncheck the "Hide in combat" option in the menu. If there is no box all the way on the right side it just means you do not have the Quest Watch window locked. Right click on an empty spot on the header and you should get the menu.
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A Defias Bandit
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Thank you - I thought I had tried everything, but not the right thing

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