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Help on Mirroring UI Elements

Hi all,

I have two questions regarding mirroring the UI which I'd like to resolve in order to get my layout perfected.

I like the general layout, but I prefer the minimap on the right side, with my buffs and quests on the left. I know how to move these things, but was wondering if there was an easier way than moving each bar/element individually. Right now I go into /realui > advanced > ui tweaks to move the minimap and quests, then use raven to move the buffs. I was also wondering if there was a way to change the position of the collapsed quest list. I'd like to get it flush to the left side, but can't figure out if there's a way to do that.

My second question concerns a few elements which I've never figured out how to move.
The stray timer bar at the top and the unit frames on the right.

Any help is appreciated,

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You can move the objective tracker from UI Tweaks -> ObjectivesAdv. If you want to only have it moved when collapsed, this is not supported.

The timer there is never used, I wouldn't worry about it. Boss frames can be moved from the hud config. /real -> Unit Frames -> Groups
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