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a dmg mod for holy priests

To whom this may concern, I have been desperately looking around for a mod. It doesnt exist.... yet. Quite simply, smite build priests are lacking an advantage every smart warlock has. We have NO MOD that alerts us to our 2 clearcasting states, The first being Surge of Light(allows ALL of our crits to have a 50% chance to prok a free smite which is incapable of a critical hit), the second is holy concentration,( which happens to give us a 6%, when casting greater heal or flash heal, to make our next greater heal or flash heal cost no mana). Instabolts in particular makes a sound and the screen glows when nightfall or backlash goes into effect. Ideally, i would love for a golden screen glow and the words surge of light to play when it procs. The same for holy concentration. If anyone out there can do this, or knows someone who can make my mod dream come true, please help. Tyvm for your time.
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Try Power Auras ( http://www.wowinterface.com/download...owerAuras.html ) - just set it up so that when you get those two buffs it alerts you.
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surge of light

I tried power auras and am unable to configure it to work. This might be my inability to program it If so any advice would be appreciated. I would really love a mod for surge of light and concentration alerts
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Scrolling combat text has an entire section devoted to watching the combat log (and any other chat frame) for messages and displaying a message on the screen. it's one of the most powerful features of the mod.

You could add in a custom event to watch the combat log for Surge of Light or Holy Concentration and display an SCT warning.

Look in your sct folder (assuming sct is installed) at the file called sct_event_config.lua - it has instructions for creating your own events.

I was planning to do this for my priest until i respecced a bit more into disc. I may actually write something similar to let me know when i get a buff from one of my trinkets. I'll post my code if i end up doing it.

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Look Thankgod
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