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02-20-18, 03:25 PM   #1
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How many targets around me

I was wondering is there an intelligent/easy way to find how many targets are within "earshot" so as to switch my action engine addon to "AOE" ?

I was thinking of the brute force method, make a "/command" to toggle between single target and AoE, that is certainly doable. I just press a button (assigned to the macro) when I need AoE.
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Not quite what you want, but there may be something in this addon that sheds some light on the subject:
How Many Are Attacking Me?
I haven't looked at its code nor actually tested its performance, but seems to have an impact on my rather low-end PC - possible indicator of a brute-force-ish method...?
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Have enemy nameplates enabled, go through the list of nameplates on screen with C_NamePlates.GetNamePlates, in a loop.
Get namePlateUnitToken from each nameplate (nameplate.namePlateUnitToken)
Use IsSpellInRange on namePlateUnitToken in the loop, using a melee-range ability. When it returns true you increment total of melee-range present enemies.

Just an idea, that I haven't tested. Also there could still be a simpler/more efficient way.
If I remember what namePlateUnitToken is correctly, that is.

Only issue is this would only apply to melee, for obvious reasons (though you did specify "around me", so eh.) Not sure if something like this would be possible for ranged (or at least, not via this method.)

Also, I figured. You may want to add a check to see whether the units are hostile and/or attackable, in case some non-attackable NPCs were in the way who still have a nameplate showing with friendly nameplates disabled (happens for some neutral NPCs.) Or if you just wanted to have friendly nameplates enabled, even.

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02-23-18, 03:00 AM   #4
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Hi guys

In the end I have just a macro/button that switches the addon to AoE on and off, it is easy to see if there are more than 2-3 mobs and where they are positioned etc, much easier than the addon trying to make judgements.

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