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Action bars losing bindings

I've had this issue happen twice over the past few days. I am using the latest Dev build that was mailed to me after donating.

Basically what happened is that I cannot cast my spells from my action bar. For example, 1 is bound to Plague Strike, 2 is Icy Touch, etc etc. I can click the buttons with my mouse, but not with my keyboard numbers.

Logging out and logging back in fixes the issue. It seems to happen only after dying and re-entering the instance. Does always happen, but I have noticed it twice, and usually when we engage a boss, which is bad. heh

Any advice? I have noticed that some of the spells on the bar, at the end of the row, have a faint white circle in the upper left of the icon. If that helps.
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This is not a problem I'm aware of, but I'll look into it.

Rather than log out and back in, does '/nui rl' fix it when it happens?

What other mods do you have installed?

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As an interesting addition to ZahHawk's issue, I've noticed the small white blip on some of my action buttons also. When I mouseover the buttons and the tooltip pops up, I see the option to keybind that particular button. The tooltip does not show that the button is already bound, even though they are.

Could this be due to how Blizz changed all bindings to be stored server side rather than client side? When I installed nUI originally, I started with a fresh copy of WoW in a seperate directory. On initial login with only nUI installed, no keybindings appeared on the buttons. I did notice when dragging spells around that occasionally while the actual button bars were showing, that a few bindings appeared, not all though.

Hope that helps rather than further confuses


*edit for clarity--- even though the tooltip said the buttons weren't bound, they in fact were, and worked properly with key presses
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Spiel, I've had this happen to me at least once before as well.

I think a reload fixed it tho.
I do believe it happened with the same timing too

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