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Lookin for Hunter Mod

I am currently lookin for every hunter favorite mod, it does not have to be only for hunter. Bar mod, timer, Boss mod. everything. please list it for me. I would love to learn more about the mod most of people are using
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It is either Nudge or Fudge, it is kind of nice for determining Melee, Dead Zone, and Ranged ranges using a small colored box that I think is easy to place somewhere on screen where it does not interfere but is easily seen.

Another one I liked (not really hunter based per se) is XBar. It comes with pretty much every class bar you want/need, and you can turn them on/off as needed as choose which buttons to show. Helps prevent using all your normal action bars for your aspects, pet skills, and tracking.

Beyond that, there really wasnt anything I used that was hunter specific. I even got rid of all the macros I used to have since the last couple updates.

I know there are a ton of addons out there for hunters though, I just never found most of them to really be worth having or they duplicated things you could already do in-game w/o them.
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Nudge is for hunters...very handy stuff. ArcHUD if you want a hud...looks great and keeps your info and your pets right where you are looking. Take a look at the ones Gazmik Fizwiget has put out...also good stuff. King of the jungle. I have more but I am not at the gaming computer.

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Fizzwidget's TrackMenu - will turn your tracking icon on your minimap into a menu to select from your tracking skills. Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic (I personally use King of the Jungle) to feed your pets. Fizzwidget's Hunter's Helper adds info to the tooltip when you mouse over a beast about what skills it has and your pet can learn if you tame it. AspectBar puts all of your Hunter aspects on a movable bar so that they don't take up space for the rest of your spells/abilities.
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hunter ui

personally i can't live without the mazzle ui.
not just for my main hunter but other classes as well.
but i have added the fizzwigdet stuff that wasn't included on top.
plus auctioneer ( cuz my next goal of 300 riding is expensive).
im going to look into that fudge thing thou. sounds nice.

happy hunting

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Its called Nudge, doc...fudge is for casters...not 100% accurate, but pretty good, Nudge is for hunters...never let me down yet.

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