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Thumbs up Are you a Guild leader? Then what troubles you since TBC?

Are you a Guild leader? Then what troubles you since TBC?

Hi, im a guild leader in another server. I have been playing WoW since 2004. Now I want to say, to be a leader is tiresome. I know it is not right to say this as a leader, but it is the true …the truest feeling.
Well, my guild owns 100+ members now. During the past 4 years, the guild has grown through a lot, happy and pain, me and all my guys.
I remember once we even hadn’t enough gold to buy flask for the guild, I have to farm them myself with my boys for a really long time. I want to vomit even now when I think it lol.
Hmm, in the real life, im a gentleman at large, or to say I just have a part-time job nearby. So money became the biggest problem, you know the guild building need it, just as we need food.
Now the situation of my guild improved a lot, but another problem came, that is some of my members stop to play other feature. Guess what? Most of them are healers! You know want it means. No healers no tank. Although we still have healers, it is far beyond the need. When Raid, you can’t imagine the trouble we are facing. Most of my members now levels 60 or so, I have to think about how to lift them up fast…
oh my…, all of these made me almost crazy, but I have to face it just because im the leader im a man. I just want to know are you facing the same trouble or am I the only pathetic leader in this world?
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To be completely honest I think a good amount of raiding guilds are losing members come Wrath. The expansion is a chance to wipe your slate clean and start new. Most of the top level guilds are even disbanding in the days leading to wrath.

Losing members comes with the job. If you aren't prepared to lose/gain good players, GM is not the job for you. Just wait it out until Wrath, there will be people looking to raid
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I co-lead my guild with my wife (the official leader by rank) and you will always lose good people in both raiding and casual guilds. The reasons span the entire range of possibilities. As stated its part of the job. It always sucks to lose good people but you make the best of it and move on.

As far as healers are concerned its just one of those things. Healers are always in need. I frequently get whispers asking to guest run in raids due to the shortage of healers. My guess on this is that with the coming expansion many healers are taking time to level up alts (i know i am) since the demands on your time can be high guild wise. I know my healing has been in need for more than one alt dungeon run. I dont say this with any sort of malice as i LOVE playing my priest. I wouldnt have made it if it werent for the guilds need in the first place.

Just make the best of the situation. If it means calling in a few friends to fill the gaps or posting open slots for a raid in LFG channel then so be it. Enjoy the game for what it is and have a good time.

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I was raid leading for a guild (not really part of the guild heirarchy though) for the majority of Pre-TBC (BWL+) and TBC (up to SWP) but with the release of 3.0, and the amount of "LOL ezmode whoneeds epix neways?" mindset that has run its course through my raiding team, I have to admit, raiding has become a bit tiresome. I'm not even bothering to show up to my own raids as a result of it, just logging onto a mystery alt to see who is online (almost always 50% scrub players) and sighing as I level my alt up for the eventual release of WotLK.

I am really looking forward to WotLK raiding. Like one person already said, it's a chance to wipe the slate clean. When TBC was fresh and exciting, raiding was very, very fun. In Pre-TBC, it was fun all the way through to the end; save the last two weeks or so before TBC came out when we all took a break. I am looking forward to that in WotLK but I really do hope that it doesn't fade even quicker then it did for TBC.
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In my experience, apathy is the #1 guild killer, from raiding guilds to social guilds. Nothing is more demoralizing for a guild than members who could care less about the guild's focus.

I do place some blame on Blizzard for the premature announcement of the expansion though. After the BC xpac, players had the mindset that it would be pointless to gear up at 70 if that gear would be replaced by greens in a level or two (all reports I've seen says it's not true for WotLK).
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In my experience, 95% of the people who join guilds do so for entirely selfish reasons (mostly they see it as the only way to pretty-up their toon). Ironically enough, this selfish mentality also destroys 95% of these guilds. 95% of guild apathy comes from the simple perception that the guild isn't helping someone get where they thought they could go faster from joining XX guild. This game is largely immature, these issues are common to every guild in the game. I maintain there are NO new guilds anymore and that "new guilds" are made up of a bunch of recycled kids who can't get along with "Group A" anymore after leaving "Group B" and trying to form their own "Group C" but the selfish mentality once again killed their guild so they go back and try "Group A" again. Repeat the cycle until everyone generally knows the group of kids who can't get along with others. That's when realm transfers begin and the kids start the whole cycle again. It's quite amusing to watch sometimes, although honestly it's rather sad.

Occasionally, you'll find a guild that has a good core of mature players who will stick together through the roller coaster ride of guild drama. I've found 2 guilds such as this in 4 years of very regular play. I had a very nice alliance raiding guild at one time (pre-BC) as well as a nice horde raiding guild (also pre-BC). Both guilds were torn apart largely from the main membership having to leave the game, changing work schedules, family obligations, etc. (real life reasons). It was a sad time for me. The few of us remaining collectively believe our best raiding days are behind us, but we push on because we like the game and have found enough solo activity to keep us interested (most of us don't need to epeen our armor/weapons and such).

I would like to raid on a regular basis but I will not do so around this kind of immature garbage. Thus, I'm more concerned with things like LFG being so inactive, finding great difficulty getting together simple 5-man runs, finding people for group quests, etc. These issues are larger to me as they affect everyone. Some of us can shield ourselves from guild drama by simply not joining groups of idiots and doing our own thing. However, there's a certain element of accomplishment where you simply must rely on other people to achieve objectives.

It gets old having to carry group quests until you are so overpowered you can go back and solo them. That isn't the way the game is intended to be played. Among horde pve realms, I find the least amount of "random" group cooperation. Go to any horde realm, ask for XX group on general, listen to the crickets. Alliance has these problems as well, but my focus as of late has been on my horde paladin.

Anyway, this has troubled me for a while now. I think it started prior to BC's release. I'm sorry if it's a little off-topic, but I see the "apathy" reason listed here as cause for greater problems affecting everyone and not just guild leaders/members, etc.

WTB a solution to the problem!
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