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Need help merging huge Gatherer_DB files, please!!

I love almost everything about Gatherer; it's easy to herb and mine things with it, and the HUD is easy to use once you get over the learning curve. (I like that you can change the displayed icon sizes, too.)

However, there is one huge drawback. There is no way to combine massive database offerings in a fast and efficient manner. When I tried to combine my 29,000+ database with my friend, who has 37,000+ (most of which did NOT overlap, maybe 1 shared node in 4)...we quit after 35 minutes, because we'd shared only 4,200 nodes. I could not move my toon anywhere because as the receiver, I was lagging extremely badly, with one frame per 5 to 7 seconds (yes, I counted).

We tried having him send his 37k database.lua to me, but no matter how much I tried to copy and paste, I couldn't get his to show up in my files. At the end, I still had the same 29,000+ nodes I'd originally had, and not the 37,000+ from his files.

This laggy, slow means of exchanging huge batches of information in-game is EXTREMELY inefficient. Could the creators PLEASE come up with some way to merge datafiles OUTSIDE the game in a fast and efficient manner?

...Could you ALSO update the database being offered online? The one from Noreanna only offers at most 12,000-ish nodes. I have over twice that myself, and my friend has over three times that. In the middle of Cataclysm, my computer died a massive death, and I lost a database of over 49,000 nodes, carefully collected but utterly ruined...and I -know- I did not have every node in the game. When I tried uploading the one you offer currently...all I got was 12,000+ nodes.

This is extremely inefficient. I KNOW there are more than 49,000 nodes in the game. I know WoWHead has more than that in its listings...so WHY don't we have a downloadable database that has them all, by now?

12k is not the same thing as 49k, by a long shot. It's less than 1/4th, and that was NOT including all the new Mists of Pandaria nodes that have sprung up.

Please, at the very least, merge all the nodes and post a NEW database to download and import. And then, if you could, pretty please with silkweed and trillium veins and who-knows-what-else on top, give us players a way to merge all our database files QUICKLY.

Thank you.
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I don't have a solution for your problem, but have you considered switching to GatherMate2? There are regular updates to GatherMate2_Data based on data from Wowhead, and if you like the HUD display there is GatherHUD. If you're already using Routes with Gatherer, it works with (and originally only worked with) GatherMate as well.

You can use GatherMate_Sharing to share your data, but there's not really any reason to since everyone can just use the Data module to update their own data from Wowhead.
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