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08-29-12, 01:37 AM   #541
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Macaroon not working after the patch. Will there be a new download soon? I tried Bartender, because so many recommended it, but it isn't nearly the capability of Macaroon. First, Bartender is limited to 12 buttons per bar and ten-ish bars - not enough buttons or bars. Second, all my macros are stuck in Macaroon. It took five years to collect all those macros and they aren't saved anywhere but in Macaroon. Thanks
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Macaroon will not be updated for WoW 5.0.

Ion is being developed as its successor, but it is not release-ready yet. If you want to try out the rough beta versions, you can find them here:
The Ion_MMG addon (included when you download from the URL above) grabs all of your macros from Macaroon and imports them into Ion.

I would recommend backing up your Macaroon saved variables files, so they are safe and ready to go once there is an official Ion release (not sure how stable the current import process is). There is one file for your account, here:
World of Warcraft > WTF > Account > 123456#1 > SavedVariables > Macaroon.lua
and one file for each of your characters, here:
World of Warcraft > WTF > Account > 123456#1 > Server Name > Charactername > SavedVariables > Macaroon.lua
If you want to get your macros to paste into some other addon, you can just open the saved variables files in Notepad.

Note that Ion does not yet support dual specs, profiles, custom state definitions, or lots of other things. In its current state, I would call it unusable due to the missing features, and I'm using Bartender4 as a replacement until it is further along in development. BT4 is not ideal, but at least it is stable, and has profile and dual spec support.
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Someone can be gently to post some screenshots to a curious guy at the work?

Ion will be like a "Macaroon" super upgrade or a "New Macaroon" or somethink like that?

It will have that localization files posted to "Macaroon"?

I can help test ultil release!
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Ouch! Ugh! Do not want to use someone else's bar addon while we wait for Ion...

Now I have to decide if I want to beta test Ion or go without my macro capacity for a while? My macros are all loooooong... Argg!!
08-29-12, 06:05 AM   #545
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I don't now how exactly use macros on Macaroon..... i just use with game interface...

theeen... you can spend your time teaching me and showing how it can be useful while wait for Ion to be done!
08-29-12, 09:37 AM   #546
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Since Ion has been released in beta form on WoWInterface, and WoWInterface was kind enough to give me an entire forum for the discussion of Ion and my other addons, I am going to go ahead a close this thread.

Feel feel to continue any discussion in this thread in a new thread in the Official Forum for Ion

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