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CastingBarFrame.timer doesnt work anymore

After patch 7.0 this little timer under my castbar stopped working.
Could some kind person help me fix this script?
Lua Code:
  1. --Cast bar timer
  2. CastingBarFrame.timer = CastingBarFrame:CreateFontString(nil);
  3. CastingBarFrame.timer:SetFont(STANDARD_TEXT_FONT,12,"OUTLINE");
  4. CastingBarFrame.timer:SetPoint("TOP", CastingBarFrame, "BOTTOM", 0, -3);
  5. CastingBarFrame.update = .1;
  7. hooksecurefunc("CastingBarFrame_OnUpdate", function(self, elapsed)
  8.         if not self.timer then return end
  9.         if self.update and self.update < elapsed then
  10.                 if self.casting then
  11.                         self.timer:SetText(format("%2.1f/%1.1f", max(self.maxValue - self.value, 0), self.maxValue))
  12.                 elseif self.channeling then
  13.                         self.timer:SetText(format("%.1f", max(self.value, 0)))
  14.                 else
  15.                         self.timer:SetText("")
  16.                 end
  17.                 self.update = .1
  18.         else
  19.                 self.update = self.update - elapsed
  20.         end
  21. end)

Thank you in advance.
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The casting bars no longer actually call CastingBarFrame_OnUpdate(). They have it set directly as their OnUpdate handler, which means you'll need to hook the script.

Change line 7 to the following and it should be fine.
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Thank you so much.
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