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Need Suggestions for a New Mod Priest/Warlock

I just started playing WoW again after just over a year and I used to use Group Buttons and LOVED it! It worked great for any class. But it is no more and I am looking for a new Mod now that will give me individual buttons for both attack and healing, preferably on each unit frame. I play Priests mostly but love my Warlocks too, so I want something that will work equally well with both. I would appreciate any suggestions and help with setup too. I have tried about 7 different ones in the past few days, and while some of them might work ok, instruction on set-up seems to be lacking for many of them.


Good Point Midget Mage - Here are the ones I have tried already

Extreme Unit Buttons - while this one would work, the set up is on the overwhelming side
Trinity Action Bars - Couldn't figure out how how to put the spells in bars
Unit Action Buttons
Unit Buttons

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While i dont know of a mod off hand that suits your needs might i suggest listing the ones you already have tried to help narrow down the field somewhat and also to avoid the ones you have tried to this point.

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i would suggest clique for clickcasting.

easy to administrate und very effectiv.

clique download

i know it is not this sort of mod you are looking for. but it works fine for me und you can save lots of space on your ui desktop.

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