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Skin personal resource display? (Video example)


Basically looking for a way to either change this myself or the ui pack he forgot to link so I can use it. Basically trying to figure out where/how to change the personal resource display bar texture and size
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Alpha and beta version that are more up to date are on curse however

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Is there nothing with a bit more customizability or is that something I'm going to have to go into LUA for? I use tidy plates for nameplates and I managed to get KUI to show only resource display but it seems to only adjust it it one big group instead of allowing me to customize both bars.
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I made something similar to this for my druid while trying to figure out custom textures.

This is what it looks like --- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_Y...hQyWDQS1YQXlwU

If you want the combo points to look like that, you have to have the WA Stop Motion addon here --- https://www.wowace.com/projects/weakauras-stop-motion

TEXTURE --- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1W5...-1tJR_AB5vQ8Gx
** Download the file, and place it in your Interface folder. I put mine in my Interface folder (works fine) so I can easily find it while learning how to make these. If you put it in the addons folder like other videos suggest when making custom textures, you have to alter the texture path accordingly.**

WEAKAURA STRING --- https://pastebin.com/nDjcvgwg

I use ELVUI. I don't know how to change the size of the PRD if you're using different Nameplates. You need to shrink your PRD enough so the WA covers it. You might have to adjust sizing depending on your resolution. I'm not sure. It's the first texture I've made so far and the first time sharing a WA string. I'll try to answer any questions you have, but I'm pretty new to this.

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