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Update issues

I updated Minion at work today (previous installed version was from Dec. 21, which I'd posted about here) and ran into some new issues.

The download link (which finally works when Google Analytics isn't loaded, yay!) seems to point at an old version. I clicked it 15 minutes ago, downloaded, installed, launched, and was immediately prompted to update again, though the in-app information listed the latest update as being 2-3 days old.

Despite this not being a fresh install, after the second update, I was prompted to select which drives to scan for games... and despite selecting only the C: drive which only contains one WoW install (and zero ESO installs) it proceeded to "detect" addons for 4 WoW installs. "Detecting WoW-4 AddOns" took about 10 minutes to complete.

Now that it finally finished launching, it is indeed displaying 4 WoW installs, all labeled "World of Warcraft". Looking at the folder path for each one, it obviously ignored the part where I told it to only scan the C: drive, as 3 of the installs are on network drives (mapped to drive letters) which explains why it took so long to scan them.

Clicking the "maximize" button not only does not actually maximize the window (it leaves about 30px between itself and the edges of the screen) but also moved it to my other monitor (it was on the second monitor, and moved to the first one).

And updated info re: previously reported issues:

I don't see any misidentifications in the list this time, so that's good, but some addons are still missing. At a glance I think most, if not all, of the addons I previously reported as missing are still missing, but I don't have time to do a comprehensive survey right now.

However, Git repositories and SVN working copies are still not ignored, so that's bad, and I still can't try the "update all" or auto-update features. This really can't take very long to implement.

System DPI is still ignored, and font rendering is still not great; note the blobby capital "B"s and "P"s in addon titles, and the general pixellated awfulness of the larger text:

Low contrast is still a problem, but would be much less of a problem if the app scaled with the system DPI setting, since then the text would be larger.

(For reference, when I say "system DPI" I'm talking about the settings you get by right-clicking your desktop, picking Screen Resolution, then clicking "Make text or other items larger or smaller" and selecting "Medium" or "Large". I use the Medium setting; I'd rather use Large, but I can't because it causes too many problems with too many programs written by people who don't know/care about even basic accessibility... a category which sadly includes Blizzard.)

Version number boxes are still too narrow, and the tooltip delay is too long. When the window is "maximized" about 50% of the horizontal space is just blank -- there's plenty of room to show the whole version string when it's long!

Scrolling quickly is still jumpy, and still causes an annoying strobe effect since the mouseover highlight doesn't update at the same time as everything else. Version number boxes and "update" buttons are also affected -- when scrolling from "addons that need updates" (perhaps more properly entitled "lies" ) to "addons that are up to date" you can see the "update" button and the red/gray version boxes are still shown on the bottom few rows for a noticable fraction of a second before the update routine catches up. However, the addon icons and names update in realtime, so I'm not sure why the whole row isn't updated at the same time...

Typing in the search box is nicely responsive now... but deleting the contents of the search box by holding down the backspace key is very slow, like it's still using the old super-slow code path to filter the list each time the text contents changes while it's being deleted.

Still getting weird cursors (usually <---> resize cursor) when mousing over addon rows most of the time.
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