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08-23-12, 12:25 PM   #1
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Trying to hide a stubborn frame

I am trying to remove the Achievement Statistics tab...it's an OCD nightmare that I want to pretend doesn't exist...

Here is what I have in my lua script:

It will not go away. If I run the same macro in game it works fine:

/script AchievementFrameTab3:Hide()
To test the lua script I have also tried:

The Griffons are successfully removed, but not the statistics tab

Hiding frames is super simple and I have never had this problem before, but this time I am stuck.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Are you sure Blizzard_AchievementUI has been loaded when your code runs? I don't think the tab exists before then.
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local frame =CreateFrame("FRAME");																					
function frame:OnEvent(event, arg1)
if event == "ADDON_LOADED" and arg1 == "Blizzard_AchievementUI" then	


frame:SetScript("OnEvent", frame.OnEvent)
try this
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08-23-12, 01:07 PM   #4
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It seems to be working fine here. Are you running the code after the Blizzard_AchievementUI LoD addon has loaded? You can either wait for it to load naturally and run a hook then for force it to load before attempting to modify it.

Here are a couple examples:
Lua Code:
  1. if LoadAddOn("Blizzard_AchievementUI") then--   Make sure it does load or the next line will throw an error
  2.     AchievementFrameTab3:Hide();
  3. end

Lua Code:
  1. if IsAddOnLoaded("Blizzard_AchievementUI") then--   If it's already loaded, we don't need to waste memory creating a load hook
  2.     AchievementFrameTab3:Hide();
  3. else
  4.     local eframe=CreateFrame("Frame");
  5.     eframe:RegisterEvent("ADDON_LOADED");
  6.     eframe:SetScript("OnEvent",function(self,event,...)
  7.         if event=="ADDON_LOADED" and (...)=="Blizzard_AchievementUI" then
  8.             AchievementFrameTab3:Hide();
  9.             self:UnregisterEvent(event);--  Don't need this event firing anymore, saving CPU time
  10.             self:SetScript("OnEvent",nil);--    Optional too, but letting GarbageCollect pick up this function
  11.         end
  12.     end);
  13. end

PS: They type their code faster than me.
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