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cooldown noise

Ok so, when attack with cooldown is used a small button for them appears just above the main action bars. They have a small counter in them to show when attack will be cooled down. At the end of that countdown a dinging type noise is made for each one.... How do I turn that noise off. It is so irritating I may have to stop using nUI!
thanks for any help you all might have
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I am on the road and don't have access to the legacy code base. If I had to guess, off the top of my head, I would say that there's an option for the sound file to use in the layout files for the HUD. If not, look in nUI/Units/Cooldowns.lua or something similar to that.

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Wouldn't any of these work?

/nui hud cooldown

This option toggles display of in-HUD spell cooldown bar, cooldown alert messages and cooldown sounds on and off.

/nui hud cdalert

When the in-HUD spell cooldown bar is enabled, this option turns the display of ready messages on and off.

/nui hud cdsound

When the in-HUD spell cooldown bar is enabled, this option turns the playing of ready sounds on and off.
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