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07-21-13, 05:34 AM   #1
A Cliff Giant
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5.4 Ptr

I took a look at the 5.4 PTR today.

All my addons seem to be loading, except for RDX.

RDX appears to be running however. I get the VFL messages when I log in, and when I type /RDX HELP I get the usual /RDX commands (/rdx toggledesk, /rdx show, etc)

The RDX button is missing however. And my regular desktop (Totorox) doesn't load. I tried a /rdx masterreset and got the dialog window asking me to confirm. When I clicked YES the UI reloaded like its supposed to but no RDX button appears.

Any ideas ?

= F
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07-27-13, 02:38 PM   #2
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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disclaimer : I am not a dev from RDX, I don't really understand how RDX is working, I just try changing "random" stuff to make it work and worked out this fix that work in my case, I do not claim that it work for everyone nor that it's the best way to fix it.

this is the hack I used to fix this on the ptr (and rdx seem to be working normaly afterward) :

in the Interface/Addon/RDX/PanelMgr/ClassicMenuBar.lua

line 184 :

txtpower:SetFont("Interface\\Addons\\RDX_mediapack\\sharedmedia\\fonts\\Acme7W.ttf", 8);

change to :

txtpower:SetFont("Interface\\Addons\\RDX_mediapack\\sharedmedia\\fonts\\Acme7W.ttf", 8);

line 194

txtrdx:SetFont("Interface\\Addons\\RDX_mediapack\\sharedmedia\\fonts\\Adventure.ttf", 20);

change to :

txtrdx:SetFont("Interface\\Addons\\RDX_mediapack\\sharedmedia\\fonts\\Adventure.ttf", 20);

(in the end it should "just" add two line in the file).
Ideally, wait for sigg to make a "real" fix though.
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08-01-13, 02:55 AM   #3
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The problem is that the order of events firing during the loading process has changed again at least in the current PTR builds.

What I'm talking about is this.

A lot of addons have come to depend on events firing in a specific order and code as if that's a given without safeguards in place.
Assume that PLAYER_LOGIN will always fire after ADDON_LOADED for your addon so it's safe to do addon initialization at PLAYER_LOGIN etc.

Well as it happens that order is not guaranteed and is no longer the case in 5.4.
So if things don't change between the current PTR builds and 5.4 going live, addons will have to be smarter and not make assumptions on event order during the loading process.
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08-01-13, 01:56 PM   #4
A Cliff Giant
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Thanks for the description of the problem Dridzt.

For the record, it would appear that the most recent build of the PTR has restored functionality to RDX.

Bethan, it is possible that your 'hacks' to the fonts did not actually fix anything for you but rather, while you were modifying your files, Blizzard fixed the issues on the PTR.

I am noticing one minor error that I will post in a separate thread.

= F
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