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camera bindings

I've been having this issue during pvp mostly, but there are times where my camera angle won't reset to following me horizontally. I'm not sure how I'm unlocking the camera then relocking it at a strange angle, but I can't figure out how to reset it to follow me. Even if I /rl while dead, the camera spins around to whatever angle its stuck on (whether or not my toon is moving/spinning).

It's probably something about my keybinds that I'm mashing trying to escape a situation, but it's really frustrating not being able to fix it the rest of the match. I use alt in a few macros on my main action bar, and shift+1-6 are bound to a side action bar. Middle mouse and alt+middle mouse are for my stealth and shadowdance.

I've looked through the wow keybindings menu and nothing is bound except zoom in/zoom out. I've tried every combination of my keybinds trying to fix it (shift+middle mouse, shift+alt+click, etc) to no avail. Could someone point me in the right direction?
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You might want to check your camera settings in the interface options ( press "Escape" then select "Interface > Camera") -- make sure smart pivot is enabled, check auto-follow speed and camera following style.

Also check the key bindings: press "Escape" and select "Key Bindings" -- scroll down to the "Camera Functions" and see what you have selected there. The only key binds I have set on the camera are the mousewheel for zooming the camera in and out.

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Under interface, smart pivot and water collision are checked, and follow style is "only horizontal when moving". Only zoom in and zoom out are set in key bindings. Normally, I can pivot my camera angle then ctrl+left click to lock it in place then just left click while I'm running to reset it to following behind me.

I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with nUI, I just have more success getting help from this community lol.

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