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Carbonite questing

I'm looking for an addon to help with questing and its hard to tell exactly what carbonite offers as far as quests. So I was wondering if it covers the following:

Zone achievements

these are the 3 things I use questing addons for and wanted to know if carbonite would be a good fit. Any information would be great help.


Ps I also use gathermate2 which this seems to replace is it better then GM2 or about the same? (saw the routing video and was impressed with that idea)
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Look here for information on Carbonite's questing features. Or not. Apparently I can no longer put urls in replies here. Try this: http://www.carboniteaddon.com/QuestFeatures.shtml.

Yes, it covers those three (Loremaster, etc). Be advised there are some errors in the quest database, and those probably will not get fixed until MoP comes out.

I haven't used GM2 (or any similar addon) or Routes since I switched to Carbonite, as both of those functions are well handled by Carb.

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