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Howto? : Grid HoT Squares via fontstrings into RothUI

I was looking for help getting the small Grid-like squares for HoT-tracking onto RothUI Raidframes.

I've seen Zork in particular along with Jadakren and Astromech talking about this, particularly in this thread: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...age=3#comments.

However, I am really unsure about how or where all this code is going in order to get this setup.

Can I simply take the code mentioned at the top of comment page 3 and make a new addon with it, then add the "layout" portion to RothUI's oUF_Diablo raid.lua ..somewhere.. to make it work somehow?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
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You need to download the oUF_AuraWatch module and install it.
After that you need to adjust the oUF_Diabl/units/raid.lua by adding an aurawatch function for your class.

Astromech has some examples how to do it.

That is on my todolist for 4.007. Currently I suggest every healer to use oUF_FreebGrid (which is awesome) and disable the diablo raidframes in oUF_Diablo config.
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Tried taking the oUF_aurawatch.lua and linked it from your oUF_Diablo.toc, then added the code in the middle of the oUF_Diablo/units/raid.lua, but not seeing any change in the raid frames whatsoever. Went ahead and tried with just the oUF_aurawatch addon installed as normal also to no effect.

Perhaps something small i'm forgetting to do, or does the code perhaps need to be in a specific place within the raid.lua (aside from just not inside another function)?

If not, I guess I can hold out till 4.007, I'd hate to lose the overall look of the frames currently.

Thank you again for the help. :^)

Code I'm using for the raid.lua (currently just before: local updateHealth) :
local function createAuraWatch(self,unit)
--if unit ~= "target" then return end
-- We only want to create this for the target

local auras = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, self)
auras:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", self.Health, "TOPRIGHT", 58, -25)

local spellIDs = {
 48440, --reju
 48443, --regrowth
 48450, --lifebloom
 53249, --wildgrowth
 61295, --riptide

auras.presentAlpha = 1
auras.missingAlpha = 0
auras.PostCreateIcon = createAuraIcon
auras.icons = {}
for i, sid in pairs(spellIDs) do
local icon = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, auras)
icon.spellID = sid
icon:SetPoint("RIGHT", auras, "LEFT", 0, 38*i)
   auras.icons[sid] = icon
self.AuraWatch = auras
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