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Minimap split in half?

Hi, I just re-installed the updated Carbonite after having deleted it some months ago because it was getting so outdated, and so far I only have one issue I haven't been able to fix myself or find the solution to on the forums.

I love the carbonite mini-map, so I always integrate it with the regular one, and it's pretty screwed up. Basically it looks like one half (the left) displays the map for the city I am in, and the right half is displaying a map of what looks like the entire zone I am in, and it's constantly twitching. I tried zooming way in/out and turning on and off the auto-tracking, but other than that I don't see any other options to try. For now I shrank the mini-map to kind of hide the "zone" portion of it, so it's hidden. But of course now the entire map is very tiny and hard to see. I can still see the twitching in the bottom and right corners.... really annoying.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Right click the map, minimap, uncheck full size.
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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
Right click the map, minimap, uncheck full size.
Yeah that made the "inside" part that I am trying to see even smaller and up in the corner. I am trying to get it to only show me the inside of a city when I am in one, and nothing else. Is carbonite just set up to show cities in the upper left corner?

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