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Would like feedback on UI layout, thanks!

Hi! I just came back to WoW for WoD, fiddling with the UI more than actually getting into the content, hopefully I'll make a playable WIP one first before fine-tuning.

Here's the layout, pretty self-explanatory, though visually, my inspiration is the default Guild Wars 2 layout (mainly the central health orb); and the party windows are also inspired by Dragon Age Inquisition.

The health orb is really two combined HP + Resource half-orbs, something like this:

That was an early experiment whether I could make orbs with StUF, and I can. Not entirely visually pleasing, but my resolution is 1366x768, screen real estate is pretty lacking for me. For more caster heavy classes, I understand they may want more precision, but on my Hunter main, it's fine for Focus.

Visually, it's going to take a lot of inspiration from GW2:

I know lots of people tend to go for minimalist, or modern look. I just don't like it in the context of WoW. I like the painterly thing GW2 was going for. I'm not skinning the whole UI yet, but the textures on the orbs, the cast bar, are going to take the biggest inspiration from GW2. The cast-bar look from this guy's UI who was also inspired by GW2 is what I'm aiming at:

Also the party windows from DA:I is mainly what's seen here:

Any feedback is appreciated, but mostly my concerns are:

1. Easy open and closing of chat and minimap at the sides to give more visual screenspace? Should I use KGPanels for this?

2. Gap left at the ends of the exp bar is originally for any kind of SLDataText block-like module I want to put. In particular, I was looking for a graphical latency indicator (like a square box that turns green/yellow/red and shows lag .ms in a tooltip on hover), but haven't found one like that yet.

3. Can't decide if the stance/2nd action bar above the main bar should be that, or place player buffs there.

4. Where to put pet frame (in b/t Minimap and action bar on right?)

5. Place alternate power bar into layout, or depend on WeakAuras to supplement?

I also have ideas on my own custom nameplates, that takes inspiration from League of Legends, but haven't figured out how to work with the Tidy Plate framework, or should I use Aloft to design them instead?

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oUF Gvv

You could check out oUF Gvv as it already looks very much like what you describe
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The castbar you can make with really any cast bar addon just remove the backround and border and there ya go.

Party frames can be setup like that in Stuf (referring to this because you posted a pic with the addon in it so I assume your using it) as well as Pitbull

As for the Orbs we could probably look at oUF_Orbs by Zork (Or even his oUF_Donut) if that works you'll be set.

Actionbars can be set using any actionbar addon if you want fancy things done you can roll with Bartender or Domins if you want basic and lightweight go with either Zork's rActionbarstyler or my Bobbars.

CD line the only addon I think thats still around that does that would be CoolLine

Map is easy to do with any map mod, again fancy stuff Sexymap/Chinchilla, else you can roll with just about any minimap addon as they all seem to be squares.
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