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Suggestions for Warehouse 'Search' and more...

Suggestions for future fixes and additions to the Warehouse.
I'll list a few issues here, even though there are other issues.

(1) Warehouse searches only an items' name, which quite often doesn't match the type of item it is. For instance, the Warehouse search cannot locate items by their types (but, Blizzard's Bank and Auctioneer addon can), unless the items' type is also included within the items' title or name itself:

These should be available to be searched for, but currently they can't be:
-- Mail
-- Cloth
-- Leather
-- Plate
............. and...........
-- Head
-- Neck
-- Chest
-- Back
-- Hand
-- Waist
-- Leg (which by default, would include Legs, Leggings, etc.)
-- Feet
............. and...........
-- Ring
-- Trinket
-- Shield
-- Sword
-- Wand
-- etc...
-- etc...

(2) Warehouse is currently unable to Sort "All" items (viewed in the right-side window) by user-selectable options, such as "Item Level," "Char Class," "Minimum Char Level," etc., and several others. The reason I hope for such options is in how I often use Warehouse. I use it sometimes to look for weapons or armor that will be "useable" by one of my lower-level alt characters. Therefore, finding items that match criteria for the alt char in a short list is much more desirable than reading all the stats on several hundred individual items to find a suitable one.

(3) There's a glitch when clicking on an item in the list of items in the right-side window. Example: If I see that there exists a number of items (ex. [4] each) of a certain type in the list, and I click on the named item to expand it to find out which alt char(s) are holding the items --- the list "jumps"-(scrolls immediately) and loses the visual location of the named item I clicked on. I have to scroll manually through the entire long list to look for it again.
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