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04-27-09, 04:38 PM   #1
A Defias Bandit
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DK Runes not showing properly

Currently running the latest development version, however this 'bug' has occurred since I started using nui about a month ago. This is somewhat difficult to describe so bear with me.

After any loading screen if I target something my hud pops up my life and targets life. However, it does not pop up the rune cooldown bar under the global cooldown indicator. After I use a rune, the rune bar pops up and works appropriately. This is understandable behavior.

If I enter combat before using a rune however, the rune bar does not display the rune graphics on my hud. As I use the runes the cooldown timer appears above the blank space where the rune should be. After leaving combat the rune bar displays like it should.

I realize this is probably a minor bug but it can be very frustrating trying to manage invisible death runes. If there isn't an easy way to fix this perhaps there's a way to disable the rune bar and debuff tracker from the hud so I could use a mod like Runewatch in it's place?

Just thought I'd add that I love the mod and I hope you keep up the great work.
04-28-09, 05:59 PM   #2
A Defias Bandit
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Confirm... I'm getting this too. Exactly as described
04-29-09, 06:03 PM   #3
A Defias Bandit
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 2
Just updated to 5.03 release and it's still there. I didn't expect it to get magically fixed but I thought I should keep my information current.

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