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Thumbs up PUG Plug (Website for planning and signing up for raids)

I stumbled upon this while browsing RSS feeds. And well so excited for it, that I had to help spread the word. A way to set our play availability schedules, and see what raids are available during those times, and sign-up. For raid leaders they can balance the groups, check achievements, gearscore, and link directly to WoW-Heros. Now just need a way to load the raid right into the calendar in game.

I can't help but think, while scrolling through pages and pages of raid posts on forums that this is the better way.

The developer says it better than me:

What is this site for?

I have a family, and hence often have problems with keeping my commitments to guild raids, I also have little time to dedicate to playing overall, so I tend to be less favorable when it comes to guild runs. Because of that I often find myself in a PUG, being a rogue, however, it is hard to find a group, unless I organize it myself, or piggy back my brother-leet-tankadin. The problem with PUGing using /lfr is that you have to sit online for hours looking for a group, or building one yourself. I figured there are have to be people with the same issue. So I dug around hoping there is a PUG scheduling tool already. I did find two: one wasn’t updated for WoTLK, one was in closed beta, so I decided to build one myself. Everybody I know thought this might be a good idea. Now, why?
  • You can schedule a raid or sign up for one from work.
  • You have more certainty if your participation have been confirmed (many times I sign up for a guild run, and loose my spot to a higher-ranking guildmate).
  • There are actually benefits to be in a PUG – since there is no points (i.e. DKP of some sort) system, those who run less (like myself) have a chances to get a loot equal to those who can afford spending every day in the game (of cause, part that sucks is that you never know if your PUG will work).

Pretty easy to set up your characters or guild, and see what matches your play time.
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