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Pick for 2/7: Kib: Quest Mobs (new) & Storyline (new)

Kib: Quest Mobs:

The default UI currently tells you which mobs are involved with your current quests in your tooltip - however this means that you need to mouseover each mob in order to read that information. Wouldn't you like to know at a glance which mobs you're interested in? This addon places a quest indicator over nameplates to do just that. Ones you need will be yellow, if the quest is complete they will be green, and if the mob is for area objectives (not an actual quest) it will be blue. All you need is to display nameplates, and Kib: Quest Mobs should be compatible with nameplate addons such as TidyPlates.

Check it out at the download page, here.


Are you tired of the old quest dialog window? Would you like it to feel more like your character is actually having a conversation with the NPC for role-playing purposes? Or perhaps you would prefer to have a quest dialog interface that feels more like an old school console RPG? Give Storyline a try. It displays animated models for your character and the quest giver, breaks long quest dialog up into readable chunks, and is quite pretty to look at.

Read all about it and see more screenshots at its download page.

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