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Getting Tooltip Text

I found a macro that will enumerate through whatever tooltip is showing but cannot get it to work when trying to run it straight from a LUA file.

The macro is:
/run for i=1,GameTooltip:NumLines()do local mytext=_G["GameTooltipTextLeft"..i] local text=mytext:GetText()print(text)end

It works perfectly when hovering over something in-game and running the macro via key binding. But in order to get it to work in the main LUA file for this addon, it needs to run when a tooltip is actually there and ready to read. I am able to execute it via:

GameTooltip:HookScript("OnTooltipSetDefaultAnchor", somefunction)

This was the only GameTooltip handler that would fire for tooltips that are not associated with an item or unit. I need it to fire when highlighting over a chest, which cannot be done with any of the other GameTooltip handlers.

Does anyone have any idea on how I can get this macro code to work? I tried putting it in somefunction without the '/run' but nothing happens. I would greatly appreciate the help.
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I did that?
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This might be better until someone who knows more about it chips in:

Lua Code:
  1. GameTooltip:HookScript("OnShow", function(self)
  2.     print("|cff00ff00------")
  3.     for i=1, self:NumLines() do
  4.         print(_G["GameTooltipTextLeft"..i]:GetText())
  5.     end
  6. end)
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Thank you so much, this worked exactly how I wanted it to!
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