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Minimap button highlight dragging

When I drag the minimap button along the edge, it remains the halo of highlight as you can see in the picture

This is the code:

XML code (I used nopaste service to avoid wall text)


Lua code

Lua Code:
  1. function MyMod:onMinimapButtonClick(button)
  2.     if (button == "LeftButton") then
  3.         print("foo")
  4.     end
  5.     if (button == "RightButton") then
  6.         print("bar")
  7.     end
  8. end
  10. MyMod.mmdp = 45 -- MyMod minimap button default position
  12. function MyMod_MinimapButton_Reposition()
  13.     MyMod_MinimapButton:SetPoint("TOPLEFT","Minimap","TOPLEFT",52-(80*cos(MyMod.mmdp)),(80*sin(MyMod.mmdp))-52)
  14. end
  16. function MyMod:onMinimapButtonUpdate()
  18.     local xpos,ypos = GetCursorPosition()
  19.     local xmin,ymin = Minimap:GetLeft(), Minimap:GetBottom()
  21.     xpos = xmin-xpos/UIParent:GetScale()+70 -- get coordinates as differences from the center of the minimap
  22.     ypos = ypos/UIParent:GetScale()-ymin-70
  24.     MyMod.mmdp = math.deg(math.atan2(ypos,xpos)) -- save the degrees we are relative to the minimap center
  25.     MyMod_MinimapButton_Reposition() -- move the button
  26. end

Can you help me?
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I did that?
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Generally doing SetPoint without doing a ClearAllPoints first creates a second point for a frame ie. streching it from the original point to the new second (third...) point. ClearAllPoints "unlocks" the frame to locate it in a new position altogether.

The only time this doesn't apply is just after the frame is first created as it has no point set at that time.
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Very well. You can mark this thread as solved

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