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What are the events?

Hi, have two questions about bag items and events:

[1] Is there an event that occurs when a player loots an item? If so, what is it?
[2] If I take an item in the bag and drag it over a button, does any event occur?

Can you help me?
Thank you in advance
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Creating separate treads for each question would be beneficial.
[1] Google search with keywords "wow event loot" (without quotes) reveals some information what, at least, could be tested. It's also possible to search in these forums for "loot event" (again, without quotes) and obtain results.
[2] I believe that it won't be event but some script, like OnMouseUp.
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In any case, you can use the /etrace command to bring up a list of what events are firing in real time.

It may get very quickly filled up with a lot of other events which can make it difficult to keep track of what's actually happening, but you can do EventTraceFrame:UnregisterEvent("EVENT_NAME") to prevent unrelated events from cluttering up the list (replacing EVENT_NAME with the actual name of the event, of course.)

The LOOT_SLOT_CLEARED event should supposedly fire whenever an item is removed from a loot inventory. If you need specifics you can find all loot-related events here.
Couldn't tell you about the second as I'm not entirely sure about your question.

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townlong-yak.com usually makes dumps of WoW code not publicly available, like a complete list of events or functions, in a special "Helix" folder included with their framexml UI code extract. They stopped about halfway through the 7.3 ptr cycle and then deleted what was dumped for 7.3 for some reason. The events list they had for 7.2.5 is still up and you can view it here, along with what I saved of the last 7.3 dump before the stop and deletions here (build 24651).

As for the events link Ammako provided, I would advise against using wowwiki for any code-related info, or nearly any game info for that matter. Many pages are sorely out-of-date and the wiki itself is not actively maintained. Wowpedia is not only well maintained, it is considered the official wiki since it was linked to on Blizzard's item pages at some point. I'm not sure if the new site design still links to Wowpedia or Wowhead anymore, but the "blessing" should still be there.

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