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World map quest icon textures?

I'm changing the minimap blip textures so low level quest icons aren't darkened anymore.

Works wonderfully with Minimap:SetBlipTexture(), but I want to do the same with the World Map icons, because quest icons on the world map are subject to the same thing.

Via trial-and-error I found out that the quest icons on the world map are also governed by MINIMAP\ObjectIconsAtlas.blp, but changing that has proven to be a little bit weird.

I tried just placing my ObjectIconsAtlas.tga at Interface\MINIMAP\ObjectIconsAtlas.tga, but that doesn't work, neither for the minimap nor the world map.
Reading into it, I'm told that to do texture replacement like this, the file must be a .blp, so I converted back to .blp, but that doesn't work either.

The weird thing is, when I have ObjectIconsAtlas.tga at Interface\MINIMAP\ObjectIconsAtlas.tga, when I run Minimap:SetBlipTexture() on it, the texture change applies to both the Minimap and the World Map (regardless of it being .blp or .tga)
If the file is located anywhere else, only the Minimap icons change.

I've also found that, even if I call Minimap:SetBlipTexture() with an invalid/nonexistent file path, the world map icons change anyway, as long as ObjectIconsAtlas is located at Interface\MINIMAP\ObjectIconsAtlas.tga
That doesn't make any sense, and yet it happens. The act of calling SetBlipTexture() is somehow forcing the World Map to use my replaced texture.

So right now, that's what I'm doing to make things work, but it really doesn't feel like that is how it's supposed to work. I'd be interested in knowing how to change those world map icons the proper way, because if this is a bug, it may get fixed in the future, meaning that I can't really rely on that in the long run.
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