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02-01-10, 12:51 PM   #1
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Breaking strings in pieces...

I want to post my table input to the chat frame ingame. But as you know, there is a limit of 255 characters per message.

Here is my question:

I need to break the message into pieces with a maximum of 230 characters. After this, I want to post those pieces to the ingame chat, seperated by '...'.

In example:
string: "Hello there, I want to post a long message!"
Chatpost1: "Hello there, I want..."
Chatpost2: "...to post a long message!"

It also would be great, if this function would detect a whole word and won't split it due posting like in the following example.
Chatpost1: "Hello there, i want to po..."
Chatpost2: "...st a long message!"

I hope anybody can help me with that.
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MAX_CHAR = 230
local myMsg = "This is my message..." -- Message you want to break up.
local myStringTbl = {} -- Table to store each line.

local function breakUpLine(msg)

	if string.len(msg) < MAX_CHAR then -- If our string is less than our per line char limit, then insert the whole line into table.
		tinsert(myStringTbl, "..."..msg)
		index = MAX_CHAR -- Start at the MAX_CHAR character
		while (string.sub(msg, index, index) ~= " ") -- Go back character by character until we find a space.
			index = index - 1

		tinsert( myStringTbl, "..."..string.sub(msg, 1, index - 1).."..." ) -- Insert a line into our table from the beginning of the string to character before the space.
		breakUpLine(string.sub(msg, index+1)) -- Run recursively, passing the string that starts from after our space character until the end.

breakUpLine(myMsg) -- Run our recursive function.
myStringTbl[1] = string.sub(myStringTbl[1], 4) -- Removes the preceding ellipsis from the first line.
Untested, but it should do the trick.

When finished, you'll have a table with indeces of 1, 2, ... n where n is the number of lines:
myStringTbl[1] = "This is a string that..."
myStringTbl[2] = "...has been split up..."
myStringTbl[3] = "...based on a predetermined..."
myStringTbl[4] = "...number of max characters..."
myStringTbl[5] = "...per line stored in MAX_CHAR"

Last edited by ArrchDK : 02-01-10 at 05:28 PM. Reason: Add more info & clarification on the code.
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02-02-10, 10:45 AM   #3
A Murloc Raider
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Very nice! That's almost perfect!

I just added a ' myStringTbl = {nil} ' for clearing the table afterwards.

Just one thing:
The while statement doesn't work at all and till now I couldn't figure out why. I took it out so far. So it splits the string just where the MAX_CHAR is reached and cuts the word there. But I think I'll solve that tiny problem soon.

Thank you for your help, ArrchDK!
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02-02-10, 11:49 AM   #4
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This should work to break between words.
lua Code:
  1. local MAX_LEN=255;
  2. function BreakMessage(msg)
  3.     if #msg<=MAX_LEN then return {msg}; end
  5.     local tbl={""};
  7.     for word in msg:gmatch("%S+") do
  8.         if #tbl[#tbl]+#word+1<=MAX_LEN-3 then
  9.             tbl[#tbl]=tbl[#tbl].." "..word;
  10.         else
  11.             tbl[#tbl]=tbl[#tbl].."...";
  12.             tbl[#tbl+1]="..."..word;
  13.         end
  14.     end
  16.     return tbl;
  17. end
It would glitch if the string passed to it contains a word that has more letters than MAX_LEN.

The result of this glitch would look something like this...
-- msg[1] is "..."
-- msg[2] is "...OneWordThatExceedsMAXLEN"
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02-02-10, 12:58 PM   #5
A Murloc Raider
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hehe, i got the problem with that while statement:
there is missing a ' do '!

while (string.sub(msg, index, index) ~= " ") do
   index = index - 1
There it is! And now it works perfect!

But I also want to thank SDPhantom for your idea. Didn't thought about that way. But the while-thing is quite a bit more comfortable.

Last edited by nehegeb : 02-02-10 at 03:10 PM.
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