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06-18-08, 08:56 AM   #1
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Rogue Focus Classic

I love this addon, it's simple and does what it's supposed to do very well. My only problem with this is the design. After about 7 months of playing WoW, I've grown tired of the standard Blizz UI and I want to clean it up a little. I've installed Pitbull and Bongos3, but Rogue focus still has that "blizzard look" to it and it's bringin' me down. Does anyone know how I can "reskin" it to look more like my health bar with Pitbull? Unfortunately, I'm not at work right now so I can't take a ss, but it's basically flat with almost no shading -- armory bar option. I don't want to go messing with the functionality of it, just the design aspect.

please excuse the wall of text.
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06-23-08, 09:11 AM   #2
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This is the best Rogue Focus UI i saw, and i made.
(After like 8 Uis i know what i do)


Anyways, if you dislike it:

Edit /pitbull

Select Custom and "[Show MP]" (It will show only "100" energy)
Make it bigger, and put it on the RIGHT (inside or outside as you wish)
(If not activated, upgrade the last version of pitbull and in "Modules" activate it)
It will show a graphical combo points on target, size It, move it.

If you go
and copy the command (its something like [showcombopoints:hide(0)]

you can paste it on the
like this
Select Custom and add

"[Show MP] [showcombopoints:hide(0)]" (or whatever it was)

Then youll have you energy+combo points pretty close on pitbull

I made this for a beta, but i still prefer my MetaHUD modified combat focus.
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