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09-07-08, 12:17 PM   #41
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Well, i picked a night elf rogue as my first character. i got him up to level 11, got bored, and rolled horde. Next, i made Hanakabo, my mighty troll mage. I picked troll because he had a natural appeal to me, for whatever reason. Then, he got to 60, hit expansion, and 70 for the win. Now, i had this small, little level 11 undead rogue that i started as an alt but forgot. He was next on my priority. Now he is 70, with Gladiator gear and pwning in BG's. And finally, we have Healunz, my soon to be 70 Tauren druid. I picked tauren, naturally, because they were the only druid class. But after a while i grew to love his...giant...ness. And once expansion comes out, i hope to make Minionodeath, the death knight.
(I picked undead rogue because...an assassin of UNDEATH? Pure. Genius.)
Deus ex Machina.
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My main right now is a blood elf Mage. I picked Blood elf not only because it was new and interesting. But im just a girlie girl XD. I loved the attitude they have, the dance i could do with out tho lol. I may be girlie but im not that girlie. The big main reason i chose her for this class was because of my preception of the blood elf. Evrytime i see them i think of arcane power, strong magical power. Which would fit perfectly with my mage.
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09-12-08, 12:21 AM   #43
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Originally Posted by Amaru View Post
I've head some weird answerers to this and want to know some of yours.

Me. I chose a Human Pally. Why? Because humans look better than a Dwarf. I cose a pally because I saw some awesome videos with them and the look cool.
I've gone with different classes and races primarily because I've leveled so many that otherwise Azeroth would be incredibly boring... I like to look for different challenges. If I've gotten used to one game play style when I get bored I switch to another, and sometimes back and forth.

I first started on World of Warcraft with a gnome warlock for the intellect buff and the pets. I wanted to do a magic user but wasn't sure I was ready for what at the time I didn't know was called crowd control. The concept therefore of a magic class that also had again, what I didn't know at the time!!!, was called a tank, that you could summon, made me a happy little mushroom.

So yeah, my first was Elzar, who I quickly got frustrated with because God warlocks are hard to level. Turns out I picked one of the most challenging classes right off the bat, yikes. It turned out to not fit my play style at all so I went and rolled a hunter, Jagarak. Looking back I had really no clue what I was doing: I cannot believe how horribly geared they were when I went back to look at them many ages later, hehe. It was a natural evolution though: I still wanted the tanking but I was really having trouble with magic use so I went with melee and pet tanking, e.g., beast mastery hunter! Demonology spec to beast master, not really much of a transition.

I'd say the biggest transition was when I really got frustrated with the incredible lack of any thought required with a beast mastery hunter. Point, send pet, shoot, etc... Macro the whole thing, go find lunch. Boring, boring, boring, boring, especially when you have no idea how to gear.

At that point I'd pretty much learned my lesson; I finally figured out if I wanted the game to actually be exciting for me I'd have to take big risks and go with personal confrontation. Wasn't quite ready for magetastic excitement yet so I went with a rogue which definitely turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences. Shetaran is definitely going to make it to 70 one of these days, he's just sort of stuck in the mid-50s not because I lost interest but because I just couldn't reach those lofty DPS ranks that a dual-wield sword rogue should be at and I was tired of always dying. I still play him now and then, I just had been playing him nonstop and burnt out, needed a change to something a bit less self-destructive.

I decided I wanted to forgo a bit of damage for a ton of armor so I went with a paladin and that has just been pure fun. I started with retribution, went to protection, went back to retribution, then went to holy, and have stayed with a holy - retribution shockadin hybrid build that has carried me three levels from endgame seventy. Very exciting, also definitely where I moved to another higher level of learning regarding World of Warcraft and how to balance stats, gear, etc... Moving into BC content taught me all the ratings I'd missed pre-bc.

Now I'm rolling with something I played on a friend's account ages and ages ago before Burning Crusade and I'm finally at a point where I can truly master it. My dream come true, Blessedmoon, my frost aoe mage.

Currently level 36 and growing fast!!!

At the moment I have a burst dps rogue, a burst dps paladin, a sustained dps mage, and a lock and hunter that I haven't quite found a roll for yet. I'll probably end up respeccing Shetaran as stealth for the fun of it, haven't decided yet. Either way the characters I've played, the races, the classes, they definitely represent the evolution of my learning and also the evolution of myself!
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I'm a raving altaholic. I actually discovered that Blizz limits an account to 50 characters across all servers by using all those slots and still wanting more. What have I learned from this?

First, I don't play women. My wife freaks out.

Second, I don't like paladins. I've tried to level paladins, and I always delete them around 15 or so. I've never been able to work up a druid very far either.

Third, I don't like elves. In order to enjoy a character, I have to connect with its inner dork. I have to like his /silly jokes, his /flirts, and his /dance. Night elves don't have an inner dork, and a blood elf's is mean. I can't do that kind of mean and nasty.

Gnomes are hysterically funny. If you never have, make a male gnome alt and type /train -- it makes me laugh every time. Dwarfs, too, are funny. They fit "Ale and whores!" trope that has been played for laughs ever since the original "Dungeons & Dragons" Boxed set. I can smile at the cheesy disco stylings of humans, the draeni's good natured delusions of adequacy, and the humor and sensibilities of every other race -- except the elves. Everything a blood elf says annoys or irritates me, and I just can't relate to the night elves. At all.

But the ones I've kept ....

Human protection warrior. I have this thing for self-sacrifice. Besides, I don't want mobs trying to beat up my wife's character. I've always been ready to step into the role nobody else wants to take. I picked human for the sword & mace bonus, and because my wife didn't like dwarves.

Gnome arcane mage. Arcane is a pretty cool way to level up. And bonus intellect is a clear advantage for a mage. Lots of fun.

Dwarf combat rogue. I suffered enormous revulsion when I learned the BE pally lore, so much so that I had to make an anti-BE pally to go and slay every BE priest & pally trainer in the game. There's nothing more anti-BE than a dwarf. And when you're a dwarf, there's no class more anti-Pally than rogue. Plus, there's all the fun of the whole "ale and whores" trope.

Orc affliction warlock. I figured he'd have more stamina than an undead, and the pet damage buff is nice. And the downtime for an affliction lock, properly played, is almost nil. Every so often, he'll hold a soul shard to his ear, smile, and say, "You can still hear the screaming...."

Troll assassination rogue. Stabbity stabbity stabbity stabbity!!! Doing it over, I'd probably pick an orc for the stun resistance and blood fury or an undead for cannibalism and Will of the Forsaken -- they all seem better for the PvP I like than Berzerking (esp with the changes to spell pushback coming in WotLK), but I can't give up my troll.

Tauren protection warrior. I have to have a prot warrior. And the bonus 5% to life is almost impossible for a tank to beat.

Forsaken arcane mage -- the horde equivalent to the gnome above. The Forsaken make fun of themselves in a sort of self-aggrandizing way that I enjoy.

Forsaken shadow priest. He doesn't get much play. But I do NOT relish the idea of starting over with his trade skills. And I'd rather play a priest as forsaken than troll.

Orc huntard, beastmaster. Also an engineer, so he can make his own ammo (which is often superior to what he can buy). He's there to reach 70 first and farm up cash for all the alts. Every racial an orc has contributes to a hunter; the same can't be said of trolls (alas).

Orc shaman, intended for enhancement. He just may wind up getting blown for a troll shammy, partly cuz trolls are so fun and I'd like another, and partly because I think I'd prefer an ele shammy to an enh in WotLK, and ele would be better suited to a troll, while enh is better as an orc.
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11-14-08, 10:19 PM   #45
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i chose a tauren druid for my main because of a few things
1. my play style isn't suited for any class that can't heal themselves
2. the versatility of tank/dps/caster/healer
3. i tend to fly solo most of the time, so 2 was important
and last but not least 4. my friends were horde, and taurens are the only horde druids
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11-14-08, 10:47 PM   #46
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My first _real_ char was an Undead Mage (I played all classes till lvl 15-ish first :P).

So when I had a feel for the game, I went Undead, for the simple fact they Lady Sylvannas is the coolest NPC in the game, and I love her, so Undead was the logical choice for me.

Mage because I've always been a casting class in about every mmo I played.

Now I'm levelling a Blood Elf Paladin, because you can't roll Troll Paladins QQ
Seriously ... Berserking + FoL?! I wouldn't mind that!

And I have a Tauren Druid that's currently collecting dust in Dustwallow Marsh I think, I just wanted a cow tbh.

And my coolest char by far is my lvl 6 Blood Elf Rogue! She has style, and 19 hours /played
I use her to set up my UIs without being bothered by whispers and stuff. :P
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11-14-08, 11:08 PM   #47
A Pyroguard Emberseer
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First toon was a Troll mage.. was my first toon, I didn't really 'know' anything. Leveled to 48 and rerolled.

My irl friends went Ally after I talked them into picking up WoW, so I obliged them by rolling an Ally... Nelf Rogue. I didn't grasp the Sword Specialization racial of humans until later.. lessons learned.

My next reroll was a Nelf Druid (couldn't make a Gnome Druid ), raided with him a little in BC, but after irl friends quit playing, I re-rerolled Horde for a Tauren Druid (yeah, no Troll Druid available).

I now have a 66 Tauren Druid, 71 Tauren Druid, 70 Nelf Druid, 70 Nelf Rogue (and countless alts). Druids are just too much fun and versatile, but definitely not a class for everyone's liking.
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12-05-08, 07:34 AM   #48
A Defias Bandit
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I got one single level 80 character and that is my Human Rogue.

Why did i choose a Human?
Humans and undeads are the coolest classes ingame, so i thought a human could do it out. Also because of the racials:

Perception - passive
Increases your Stealth detection.

The Human Spirit - passive
Spirit increased by 3%.

Diplomacy - passive
Reputation gains increased by 10%.

Sword Specialization - passive
Expertise with Swords and Two-Handed Swords increased by 3.

Mace Specialization - passive
Expertise with Maces and Two-Handed Maces increased by 3.

Every Man for Himself - instant - 2 min cooldown
Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character. This effect shares a cooldown with other similar effects.

Why did i choose Rogue?
When i first began to play WoW I had heard about some other friends who where pretty good at playing Rogue and that the class was all about "coming from the back" and stealthing. I found that pretty awesome and wanted to give it a try.

Now everything i do is pwnage! At raids i "used" to top dmg meters (wotlk sucks :/ ) and gaining an arena rating of 2000 has been a great and funny challenge for me. It's definately a great class and not that easy to play unless you know almost EVERYTHING about WoW mechanics and other classes.
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12-05-08, 08:46 AM   #49
A Murloc Raider
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I'm an altaholic so I've got a lot of different race/class combinations.

When it comes down to choosing race and sex, it's generally all about how I like the models and their associated animations. My favorites are male trolls, orcs, and tauren and both genders of undead and draenei. As you might guess, I prefer playing Horde over Alliance but all of my friends play Alliance so that's what I mostly play.

I've found things to enjoy about almost every class. Druid is the only one that I've not been able to bring myself to play beyond level 30 or so.

My current main is a female draenei tankadin. I like being hard to kill. I like being able to round up a bunch of mobs and take them all down at the same time. I like being able to easily find a group for doing instances. I like having a unique role within a group so that I'm not constantly comparing my performance against that of my group members and then beating myself up if I don't feel that I measure up.
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12-05-08, 04:25 PM   #50
A Molten Giant
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My first was a night elf warrior for about 2 weeks, which was chosen under the influence of a mate ("You're tough and you get to shoot bows and arrows!" Ok sign me up), my decision would have been a gnome mage.

When I could decide for myself (except now influenced by a friend to go horde, years on I'm still horde ), I was to make- An undead male mage, an undead female mage, an undead female warlock, a blood elf female priest and a blood elf female rogue. And because ever since I got the game I've been tempted to make an anklebiter, when I finally get WoTLK I will try a gnome DK.

Now after some years I only really like aesthetically (main factor for me ) gnome female, human female, undead male /female and BE female. My favorite classes are casters, my favorite class is a Mage. If I could reset everything and start from scratch, I'd have an undead female mage and a human female rogue.
That's my history
I said lady, step inside my Hyundai

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12-23-08, 02:22 PM   #51
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When I FIRST started playing the game I went as a Human Warrior... I didn't know better [I love warriors btw, I was just a noob atm ]But then I saw this dude walking around with a "Minion" and I wondered if warriors could have one too, I asked and they said Warlocks only; so I figured damnn I think I want extra help so I made a Human Warlock and have been ever since :P. Of course after really getting in the game I've played every class and every race, all of them have their charm
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12-23-08, 03:52 PM   #52
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Tauren Shaman. Why? The WoW intro video with the tauren, just struck something inside me.
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12-31-08, 05:45 AM   #53
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Human paladin and Orc warrior. Why? I believe this is where it all began. I like the classic game. I believe these classes best represent their respective races in terms of what WoW is all about. Humans vs Orcs. The rest is filler to keep the kids interested
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12-31-08, 01:37 PM   #54
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1) BE's are cute
2) Tauren are the only horde race I can identify myself with (they seem more "good" than the others, despite the fact that nobody is really "evil") and I wanted to stay horde due to the people I already knew
It's my turn next.

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01-06-09, 08:24 AM   #55
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Well I first rolled a Human Warrior when I first started playing, I am not sure why to be honest.

Than I switched to a Night Elf Hunter once I hit 60 on my warrior (pre BC.) I really enjoyed and this was back in the day when pets had unique attack speeds and was awesome, so I tamed Broken Tooth which took awhile to get got him to 60 pvp'd and about 6 weeks after I went through the hassle to lvl a lvl 37 pet while I was 60, Blizzard in their infinite wisdom decided to do away with unique pet attack speeds. So that was nearly the end of my hunter.

Between my Hunter and Rogue I made a Human Female Mage, they can have nose rings which I thought was cool.

Than a Night Elf Rogue. I was sitting around one day and thought the name Escalade would be a neat name for a rogue so I went and made a rogue. Night Elf since at least back in those days shadowmeld helped your stealthing. (been awhile since I have played my rogue things may or may not have changed with that)

At the same time as my rogue, I rolled a Dwarf Priest for Fear Ward, mind you up to now this is still pre bc before Blizzard gave every priest Fear Ward. Anyways I lvl'd him to about 32 and stopped playing him for like a year. Than when BC came out I started lvling him. Boy was I steamed to find out that after I had hit 70 Blizzard was going to give every priest Fear Ward, boy did I get suckered there.

Anyways in short my priest is my Main, I recently made a Night Elf Druid (Balance) and a Draenei Shaman (Enhancement) and they have become my alts and I don't really touch my other characters (who are all 70 btw except the Mage (62 with 1 xp to go before 63 just don't care too much about getting the lvl lol and my warrior who is 63) I mainly use em for setting up my uis. Apologies for my WoW's life story being so long.
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01-09-09, 12:40 AM   #56
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I rolled a female draenei shaman because.. well.

I wanted to roll alliance to be able to team up with my friends.
I wanted an exotic race.
I wanted to use that "Mirrizal" character template I'd been using for rp and d&d for over 5 years, but hadn't been using awhile.
Mirrizal has an affinity for both the more primal forces of nature and likes tinkering until something a) blows up or b) does something, so I went with that..

and that's how Mirrizal, female draenei elemental shaman engineer was born :>

She's still blowing things up as my main in both PvE and PvP, though WotLK has made elemental PvP totally unenjoyable at best.
Mostly because of that I sent a mage alt on her way to 80. Leveling takes time though :s
"We shaman don't command the magic we wield. As mages and warlocks strain and sweat to produce a tiny flame, I ask for the elements to lend me their strength."

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02-14-09, 07:23 AM   #57
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I once installed this game, made an account and stared at my Create Character screen with clueless eyes. I liked the looks of the Undead, picked randomly (turned out to be warlock) and started playing. That was over 3 years ago and it's still my main
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03-09-09, 01:49 PM   #58
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From other MMOs I've always played an evil sorcerer so when I first got WOW, I rolled an Undead Warlock. I joined a server where a bunch of friends from a previous MMO had gathered and they were all Alliance, so I abandoned the Undead and went Alliance.

Tough to be on the good side while being used to being so evil for so long so I remembered the first RPG character I ever made back in the Dungeons and Dragons days of dice and character sheets.. I made a character named Jimjimmy Squashfoot who was a Chaotic/Neutral Halfling Stout Theif.. so naturally I found the Gnome Rogue as the best fit.

Being a Gnome, I decided I'd be an Engineer and I loved the booty dance that they do. I saw this on a Youtube PvP video and thought this was hilarious especially after such a cute chr pwned someone so hard!

Also I have to agree with..
Originally Posted by Zorklat View Post
Gnomes are hysterically funny. If you never have, make a male gnome alt and type /train -- it makes me laugh every time.
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03-14-09, 02:50 AM   #59
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Originally Posted by Limb0 View Post
From other MMOs I've always played an evil sorcerer so when I first got WOW, I rolled an Undead Warlock. I joined a server where a bunch of friends from a previous MMO had gathered and they were all Alliance, so I abandoned the Undead and went Alliance.

Tough to be on the good side while being used to being so evil for so long so I remembered the first RPG character I ever made back in the Dungeons and Dragons days of dice and character sheets.. I made a character named Jimjimmy Squashfoot who was a Chaotic/Neutral Halfling Stout Theif.. so naturally I found the Gnome Rogue as the best fit.

Being a Gnome, I decided I'd be an Engineer and I loved the booty dance that they do. I saw this on a Youtube PvP video and thought this was hilarious especially after such a cute chr pwned someone so hard!

Also I have to agree with..
That's interesting. I never really have thought of either side to be good or evil, just different and in opposition to each other (unless united for common gain). I'd be willing to bet that some people see the horde as good and alliance as evil. That sort of goes against what may be the "typical" response
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03-27-09, 04:11 AM   #60
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My first character was a Night Elf Priest. In fact she is still my main raiding character.

I chose a Night Elf because they were different and full of fantasy which WoW is basically and dwarves and gnomes weren't my thing. Of course I couldn't be an evil horde ( stereotypical nonsense but there you go ).

I chose Priest because I like to help people and they are the ideal helper. As holy they heal and as shadow they help renew health and mana while also dealing damage.

I also have the combinations of Human Mage ( I love magic and well I'm human ), Human Warlock ( mwahahaha you get to have a minion ) and Night Elf Druid ( being English the druid side just fell into place ).

When Burning Crusade came out I made my Draenai Shaman. It was something new and the alliance didn't have shamans.
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