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08-05-08, 08:49 PM   #1
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Rogue Builds

I'm trying to figure out a build to use with my rogue for leveling. This is what I have atm. Anyone have some suggestions or links to their builds I could use as an example? I've heard assassination or combat was good for leveling, and subtlety was "slow". Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for any help.

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08-05-08, 10:56 PM   #2
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The first Rogue I leveled I had no clue what to put it on, I think I went for Assassination due to all the crit, aswell sub for the Ghostly Strike (god knows).

Though the 2nd time I leveled a Rogue I went for sub, majorly due to my passion for sub, its so fun to play with, aswell giving you alot of survivability.

If youre the speedy kind, Combat is the way to go, as long its not with daggers. Ive found out that daggers is probably the worst way to level, cause you'd have aggro most of the time (except instances that is) and you cant use backstab/mutilate as much as you'd wish for.

Conclusion, play with what you feel is the best for you, the above is just my two cents.

edit: Btw, I'm an ex-discord, I used to go by the name 'flickor' on the old forum.
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08-05-08, 10:58 PM   #3
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I'm not too sure about fast leveling, but I have a Assassination/Subtlety rogue and it's really fun. I've read up on rogues from a few different places like wowwiki, and have heard that Combat is best for fast leveling because of the survivability that the talents give you with the added dodge and parry chance...especially when taking on multiple mobs.

I've leveled my Undead rogue up to 35 (only casually playing off and on, so I can't talk about how fast it's been) but have had no problems soloing quests with him. It takes a bit more strategy and timing with choosing your victims and choosing when to attack, but it's been very enjoyable. I know a few people that have Combat rogues and they say it's kind of dull with the constant "backstab, sinister strike, sinister strike, eviscerate" combos. I think it's more fun and having the enhanced stealth from "Master of Deception" and "Camouflage" makes up for the extra time you take on the pure grinding quests. It allows you to just stealth past mobs (especially in caverns and confined spaces where sneaking past mobs would otherwise be imposible) that don't have anything to do with a quest and just go straight for the quest objectives.

So, combat rogues might make questing and leveling go a bit faster, but personally i go for more fun over speed. But that's just my personal opinion

I would like my build, but I'm not sure how to save it and link it to the forums. When I get to 70 I'll be a 30/0/31.
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08-06-08, 08:09 AM   #4
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My deleted rogue was quite fun with this build. I did some pvp and pve, but no raids. I thought my rogue has to use daggers because of style. Imho mace-rogues look like ****. And I never thought about maxDPS, calculations and so on... Therefore, my build might be unconventional for those SuperPro-Kiddies.

Keep in mind: "Rogues do it from behind..."

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08-11-08, 09:02 AM   #5
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Combat with swords is the way to go IMO. but what do I know, my rogue is 22. :P
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08-13-08, 02:09 AM   #6
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Rogue builds

Well, i leveled my rogue to 60 pre-tbc and then to 70 as fast as i could when TBC came out. Pre-TBC i used combat as leveling, but only because everybody said that was the best. When i reached 60 i joined a PVP guild and specced sub, and then when TBC was released i stayed sub all the way to 70 (tho with a litthe twist of assassination and combat for easier leveling). And the funny thing is, i wasn't slower than anyone else! The big difference is just that as sub you have to move around more, imo it makes the gameplay more fun than just hitting sinister strike as combatspecc.

So my conclusion; Specc whatever you want, but im not sure combat is all that faster as everybody says it is. One thing i do know from own experience tho is that sub is way more fun than combat, and it makes ganking easier

/Lerbiuz, Daggerspine.
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08-14-08, 07:42 AM   #7
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I got some information for my lil rogue from the above posts. Thanks.
My spec will be combat till he reaches lvl 19, where he will go for some BattleGroup mayhem.
What would be a useful spec for lvl 19 PvP?

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09-19-08, 10:03 AM   #8
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I also went assassination. I put my first 5 points into opportunity and mostly picked my talents for either extra crit, extra combo points, or extra energy. I can't stand the idea of playing a rogue and NOT using rear attacks, distract, sap, and pick pockets. I have a combat rogue somewhere, and I use garotte => slice & dice => Sinister Strike (1 to however many) => Eviscerate as my combat combo. It works pretty well when you decide to skip out on daggers.

I went for PvP on my assassination rogue -- 5/5 in Opportunity (subtlety) and 5/5 in Malice (assassination). Then I did a lot of mouserunning to get off the Backstabs I spammed. Remarkably effective.
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09-19-08, 10:09 AM   #9
Non-Canadian Luzer!
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I leveled to 60 while assassination but switched to combat after I started raiding @ 60, stayed combat. For leveling combat is optimal but not decidedly so -- you just rely on slightly different mechanics.

With the new talents hitting with LK...all bets are off (things are so out of balance in beta/test it's not funny)
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11-12-08, 04:20 PM   #10
A Defias Bandit
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Well, you should definately pick a damage combat build. Much like a PvE spec tbh. Mutilate will get you out of energy too fast, but has a VERY high burst damage. I would say go for combat tbh.

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01-18-09, 10:01 AM   #11
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I have played assassination / sub / combat and just about every combo of those. Ive drove myself crazy trying to find the perfect build. there isint one.
But for me after all this research / testing / dying / respecing I have found that hands down the best for me on the PVP server i am on is Combat heavy builds. while its nice to be sneaky, the sub build is paper thin and will die very fast after making yourself visible if you cant punch buttons very quickly which I cant :P. assassination is a great build also but the DPS sucks tbh.
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