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mage wanting a new UI for pvping


I am seriously now good at all this UI / setting up addons.

so I was wondering if you could please help me , gief me som links to where I could find som inspiration.

I have been trying out Bartender4 as action bar and must say I do enjoy it, so easy to use.

atm I am using xperl , and I dont see it as a part of my playstyle , I dont like the looks of it.

I would like to keep my UI as simple as possible and with lots of open view, and style I like to play with a little style even with my UI.

I hope this can help you to help me

thank you for your help
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02-23-09, 06:03 PM   #2
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well, I don't know what exactly you are looking for but there are a few places you can draw some inspiration, first and foremost I would say start here, its basically people posting screenshots of their UI which I have drawn a ton of inspiration on, keep in mind though that a good portion of these UI's are personally used and may have not been released. Also like the first 40 pages of posts are pretty dated so you might run into alot of those addons not being supported anymore and may have to look for other ones. For more recent posts I would recommend starting with page 40 and on. But here is the link:

As far as just grabbing an addon package for a new ui you might be interested in some of these:
Caith UI
Roth UI
Evolution UI Widescreen
Fresh UI (Normal Version
Fresh UI (Widescreen Version

I have only posted links to ui packs I have seen before and seem to be pretty popular. I have used freshui and nUI and their both really good. But the others I haven't used but have personally drawn inspiration from them none the less when I decided to make my own ui so if nothing else give them a look see. Maybe you might be inspired!
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nice ty for that inspiration .. that was really helpfull
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