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Chatter & nUI fighting over chat window edit box

Of all things in Chatter, the most useful to me is the chat history available with the up & down arrow keys (it even remembers outbound messages between logons on different characters).

Chatter and nUI seem to fight over the appearance of the chat window - the obvious one being Chatter's default of putting a border & background colour there, plus using its own fonts easy enough to disable these 2.

However, Chatter also offers the option to relocate the edit box (snapped to top/bottom, or floating) and this box seems to get dropped a z-layer when the 2 addons are running together, making it difficult to see what it is you are typing.

On logon nUI resets the edit box settings, so the floating edit box from Chatter can't be used.

Is there a simple way to prevent nUI trying to relocate the edit box so that the floating edit box feature in Chatter works after relogging?
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There's not a mechanism built into nUI to do that. When I get a chance, I can look at adding awareness of Chatter and having nUI not manage the chat edit box when Chatter is present. I'll also look into raising the Z level of the chat edit box -- not sure when I'll get to any of this though... priority #1 this weekend is the taint problem.

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Cheers, I've found an interim fix - to remark out 7 lines in nUI_ChatFrame.lua.

Thanks to your great commenting it was trivial to find the section.

For reference, the following lines were enclosed between "--[[" and "]]--" markers:
-- relocate the chat frame edit box in the same manner
local width = (ChatFrameEditBox:GetRight() - ChatFrameEditBox:GetLeft()) / ChatFrameEditBox:GetEffectiveScale();

ChatFrameEditBox:SetParent( nUI.chat_frame );
ChatFrameEditBox:SetScale( 0.8 );
ChatFrameEditBox:SetPoint( "TOPLEFT", nUI.chat_frame, "TOPLEFT", 0, 1 );
ChatFrameEditBox:SetPoint( "TOPRIGHT", nUI.chat_frame, "TOPRIGHT", 0, 1 );
ChatFrameEditBox:SetFrameStrata( DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:GetFrameStrata() );
ChatFrameEditBox:SetFrameLevel( DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:GetFrameLevel()+2 );
Now Chatter defaults to tacking the edit box to the bottom of the window and works fine with a floating frame too.

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