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Question Would this be possible?

I'd like to get into making addons for WoW. To be honest though, it's contingent on being able to achieve something specific. Could one of you tell me if you think the following would be possible? Not asking for how to do it, but it would be nice if I could save myself some time if someone knows off the top of their head. Even if you're not sure, whether you think yes/no is appreciated just as well.

Basically, you know the spell book and how you can drag spells from it to your bars? I'm wondering if it'd be possible to drag unlearned spells (due to level/spec restriction or not picking the talented spell) to your bars? I'd like to avoid something that relies on generating a macro for each ability due to how "ugly" that would be.

Of course, the ability would not be usable. The main idea is to let people arrange their key binds early on for UI planning/muscle memory.

Any ideas? Thanks for reading!

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You can call the function PickupSpell(spellID) on spells that you don't know yet and place them on your action bar, but I believe the game will remove them from your bars when you relog, so you would probably have to re-place them in their action slots every time the player logs in.

/run ClearCursor() PickupSpell(115546) PlaceAction(61) ClearCursor() would put "Provoke" on my monk's bottom left extra action bar.

Make sure you call ClearCursor() before calling PickupSpell to prevent unexpected behavior if the player already has something picked up somehow.

You will also want to call ClearCursor() after placing an action, because if the action slot is already occupied it will pick up the existing spell and put it on the cursor.

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Thank you so much! You have given me much inspiration
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