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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
Dev version just pushed for testing... has both of these changes (and warehouse gold count) will move it to live if no one reports anything breaking from it.
Well, I for one am happy with a change I just noticed. For the first time (in a long time) I can now open up one of my characters with the Carbonite Quest Module active and I no longer get the error which I used to get. To me, that's great! There is only one thing I noticed. When loading a character, the map displayed by default is Blizzard's map instead of Carbonite's map even though I have selected "Use Carbonite map instead of Blizzard's map by default.) That's a minor issue but, it's one thing I noticed. Overall... your change has worked to solve a problem I have been having. Thanks!

EDITED: I forgot to mention that the error I was getting was when I used both Zygor's Guides and Carbonite's Quest Module at the same time. I am now using both of them simultaneously with no error message.

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One of the 2 longstanding issue's should now be resolved, and dailies should follow / obey the add new quests rules.

It amazes me sometimes how 4-5 lines of code can take days to finally get right and fix a problem :|

Next i'm looking into the bonus quests coming up as completed.
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Bonus tasks saying complete is now fixed.. thankfully it was very tiny issue to resolve.
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Thank you for your continued effort.
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