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01-25-23, 09:51 AM   #1
A Defias Bandit
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LF: Addon or Script to hide Prestige/PvP Icons. DF

Hello, i hope some1 here can be helpful, and somehow know a script or addon that works. Ever since DF, i been looking for a Addon or Script to hide the prestige icons for Player,Target and Focus frames. Since its so big, and ugly.

So i was wondering if any1 knows a addon or script, that can help me remove em.

The addons from SL does no longer work.

Best regards,
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01-25-23, 08:32 PM   #2
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The PvP and Prestige icons are two different things, though the later replaces the former when applicable. Here's code for two different options.

Restore PVP Icon:
Lua Code:
  1. local OpposingFactions={Horde="Alliance",Alliance="Horde"};
  2. local function UpdatePVPIcon(icon,unit,showmercenary)
  3.     local faction=UnitFactionGroup(unit);
  4.     local opposite=faction and OpposingFactions[faction];
  6.     if UnitIsPVPFreeForAll(unit) then
  7.         icon:SetAtlas("UI-HUD-UnitFrame-Player-PVP-FFAIcon",TextureKitConstants.UseAtlasSize);
  8.         icon:Show();
  9.     elseif UnitIsPVP(unit) and opposite then
  10.         icon:SetAtlas(("UI-HUD-UnitFrame-Player-PVP-%sIcon"):format((showmercenary and UnitIsMercenary(unit)) and opposite or faction),TextureKitConstants.UseAtlasSize);
  11.         icon:Show();
  12.     else icon:Hide(); end
  13. end
  15. hooksecurefunc("PlayerFrame_UpdatePvPStatus",function()
  16.     local parent=PlayerFrame.PlayerFrameContent.PlayerFrameContentContextual;
  18.     UpdatePVPIcon(parent.PVPIcon,"player",true);
  19.     parent.PrestigePortrait:Hide();
  20.     parent.PrestigeBadge:Hide();
  21. end);
  23. local function TargetFrame_CheckFaction(self)
  24.     local parent=self.TargetFrameContent.TargetFrameContentContextual;
  26.     UpdatePVPIcon(parent.PvpIcon,self.unit,false);
  27.     parent.PrestigePortrait:Hide();
  28.     parent.PrestigeBadge:Hide();
  29. end
  31. hooksecurefunc(TargetFrame,"CheckFaction",TargetFrame_CheckFaction);
  32. hooksecurefunc(FocusFrame,"CheckFaction",TargetFrame_CheckFaction);

Disable both:
Lua Code:
  1. hooksecurefunc("PlayerFrame_UpdatePvPStatus",function()
  2.     local parent=PlayerFrame.PlayerFrameContent.PlayerFrameContentContextual;
  3.     parent.PrestigePortrait:Hide();
  4.     parent.PrestigeBadge:Hide();
  5.     parent.PVPIcon:Hide();
  6.     PlayerPVPTimerText:Hide();
  7.     PlayerPVPTimerText.timeLeft=nil;
  8. end);
  10. local function TargetFrame_CheckFaction(self)
  11.     local parent=self.TargetFrameContent.TargetFrameContentContextual;
  12.     parent.PrestigePortrait:Hide();
  13.     parent.PrestigeBadge:Hide();
  14.     parent.PvpIcon:Hide();
  15. end
  17. hooksecurefunc(TargetFrame,"CheckFaction",TargetFrame_CheckFaction);
  18. hooksecurefunc(FocusFrame,"CheckFaction",TargetFrame_CheckFaction);
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I was looking for and trying to achive the same thing but, as usual, SDPhantom's code is perfect.

Thanks so much for this.
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01-26-23, 04:38 AM   #4
A Defias Bandit
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You are a fucking legend. Thank you so much for this script. Really appreiciate it. Cheers bro
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