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Credendo Vides
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MailTo mod

Okay guys, figure it out here. So far I've had two different people upload a "Fan's update" version of it. Both of you say you aren't the original author. How many different versions of it do we really need floating around out there? Also note that it is policy on this site that the only one who may upload a mod is the actual author. Anything else infringes on a mod author's copyright privileges. Can we please have the original author get in touch with me to let me know if he is no longer maintaining it and who he is handing it over to?
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Thors Liebling
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Post MailTo by Vincent of Blackhand

I just read your message. For your information: I just made this fanupdate ready because Vincent gave up WoW. A whole lot of others also were thinking about how to get MailTo going again. We all were discussing the MailTo problem with the secure right key function. I am just a fan in need of this mod. And I wanted to help others, who also were in need of the mod. So I put 3 days of effort into this.
As I wrote in the description, the original author is Vincent of Blackhand. More details here:
I also mentioned his email adress [email protected]

But MailTo was broken totally and somebody came up with MailTo-Next, which handles the problem by using yet another frame. I wanted to handle this different by using the modified rightclick instead of rightclick. The details can be read in the information are of the fanupdate.

I do not plan to bring this or any mod further, by implementing new features and such. I am only interested in making good mods work, when the authors or nobody else do it. I had asked Blaze why he did not upload anything on some website, after he said that he made a version, that is working. He must have uploaded his version, I guess.

Here is what I changed in the MailTo.LUA file (as also said there):

Version history:
20003 - Replaced Rightclicks to modified Rightclicks, see "Handle Inventory Use events"

Greetings from Germany,

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Thors Liebling
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MailTo again

Ok, I just downloaded the version of Blaze from another site and compared it with mine.
They both are extremely similar, but not the same. But it does not surprise me, because Vincent's fan community took part in an open discussion online.
Anyways, I am going to keep on using my version. And it makes me happy, that Vincent's MailTo is not going to die.
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Vincent of Blackhand
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Just a quick note: I got frustrated with all the new scripting restrictings, wasn't impressed with the BC expansion and realized that I was paying for something that had become more work than fun, so I cancelled my subscription and went looking for something new.

I'm currently in the Vanguard beta, like most of what I see and I'm having fun again. It has high system requirements, still needs some work and looks like it will be released a month too soon, but it has a lot more of what I thought WoW should have put in their expansion so I'm leaning towards buying it.
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Thors Liebling
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Exclamation A third versio of fanupdate?


Well, at least I wrote the changes myself :-P

Last edited by Thors Liebling : 01-14-07 at 01:42 AM.
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Multiple mailto's

LOL! I think we can chalk this up to how popular the mod is, and how frustrated everyone was that Vincent wasn't going to continue updating it any longer. Searching today, I see that there are now quite a few other versions of the mod out, with the one I uploaded just adding to the confusion. In hindsight (and for future notice) I should have asked Blazeflack if he was planning on uplaoding to WoWInt, or if I should go ahead. A little overeager to help out, and not patient enough to do it the right way .
My apologies to you Thors, as well as to Blazeflack and Vincent.
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Thors Liebling
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Actually it's ok for me ;-)

I tried to find somebody, who would take up Vincents work and carry his addons further in the future. I really tried hard for several weeks, but nobody responded by doing so. It gives me a good feeling, that so many people are interested in this mod.
Usually I help other authors by testing their mods on the German client, giving feedback, writing bugreports, translating their ui's, helping out with the German localization, ... Now, that I needed MailTo myself, and there didn't seem to be someone updating the mod, I had to to it myself. Believe me, I did not intend to learn something about LUA, but now at least learned a little about it.
Anyways, I really do hope, that there will be somebody picking up this mod and treating it as if it were his own, because I already spend so much time in testing and localizing, that I hardly have time to play WoW myself. By the way, last night I stood more than 4 hours together with my b/f infront of 3 shops, just to get BC - I know I'm sort of sick XD - and I would love to play it too....

I still hope, that Vincent may come back! Vincent, can you hear me?
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01-27-07, 03:13 AM   #8
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Originally Posted by Thors Liebling

Well, at least I wrote the changes myself :-P

Lies. As I wrote on http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=3869 the only differencce between the version I made available on Curse-gaming.com and the one ThorsLiebling claims to be his "own" rewriting of this great mod, is 2 lines in top of MailTo.lua:
"20003 - Replaced Rightclicks to modified Rightclicks, see "Handle Inventory Use events" below
20003 - WoW 2.03 Update."

The rest of MailTo.lua is a copy paste of the patch I uploaded a while ago on ui.worldofwar.net.

Everyone should know that ThorsLiebling did not put any effort into this mod other than doing copy paste and then claiming it his own. If you don't believe me, then try using a comparison tool on the version I uploaded on Curse, and the version ThorsLiebling has uploaded. They are the exact same, not a single space is placed differently.

All credits should be forwarded to mergele, a user at curse. He was the one who came up with the code to fix the addon, I just edited it into the mod so everyone could use it without having to modify any documents.
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