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I love Carbonite.

I just decided to rejoin WoW for the free weekend to stuff around and see how things are after not playing BFA.. I didn't like what happened to my poor Warrior, so I played something else.

Anyway, I thought it was time to try grab my old addons, I kept a list of them and put them all in..

I saw Carbonite, and immedately my memories came rushing back..

I [email protected]#ing love Carbonite. It makes WoW so much more playable compared to the vanilla UI. I love the map, the warehouse, the tracking, everything. Quest areas and so on.

The community and the devs back when I played were simply awesome, and I hope still are.. I remember when I asked for a feature for the minimap, and boom it got done. It was giving us the power to move the minimap anywhere on the screen. ( Might need to move it up to 5000+ for 4k screens now. LOL)

Anyhow, no idea where I'm going with this post anymore.. but thanks for keeping the addon alive. Much love. <3

My UI back in the day, and hopefully soon, messy.. but powered by Carbonite. <3

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