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Question How to easily fetch Handynotes Profile into own Plugin?

Please forgive me the flaws in my language, english ist not my mother tongue.

A few weeks ago I've downloaded HandyNotes. At first it was just for personal use and I thought to myself:
Maybe one day I'll make a plugin with my notes to share them.
Now that I've spend days over days working on these notes my Database is large enough that I might want to share them tagged as alpha / wip and continue working on it while I have a Project page.

I knew there are many community made Plugins for HandyNote, so it should be easy to create own myself, right?
I've coded simple things before or made very lightweight custom changes. My biggest project was a ~500 Line automation tool for Chrome, also for personal use. I wrote it in AutoIt, it was more than a batch script ( I even had custom functions ) but still it was very simple for someone who knows to code. For me it was big and I was proud of my work of many hours.
In my imagination there would be a easy function to tell Handynotes "Hey HN, I got a database, fetch it please. Thank you." and add my Database, since Handynotes Devs advertise the plugin possibility. I would just change the icon and it would be one function. It would be easy, right?

Yesterday I downloaded almost every single Handynotes Plugin to look into the code and how it is done.
I don't understand anything. At best I understand what the code is about but not what is does and how it works. It is much more and complicated code than I thought. This was a Huge bummer for me. Naive me even thought about adding some functions to Print the itemlinks for example...

I don't want to give up yet but I need help with this. With my skilllevel in mind, how would you continue with this project? I don't want to copypaste or outsource too much but I honestly have no idea what to do now. Maybe does anyone know of an easy way to fetch the data and create a plugin / Addon with it?
If there's no easy way, where do I start to learn how to create my own HandyNotes Plugin?

I appreaciate any help, thank you for reading.

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